The company

What will you do if I gift you 500 bucks?
I'll take it.

Eh. But what will you do with it?
I will keep it.

Fucker in life. For how long? How will you spend it?
I will start a company. I will name it after you.

Wow! Thank you sir. What kinda company by the way. With 500 bucks?
I cannot reveal my business plan. You will get to know about it when it comes up.

When will it come up?
Not before you pass on those fuckin five hundred bucks.

What if I don't?
No. Please don't tell that. Don't tell me my company is not coming up. You can't do that to me. Please. I'll be destroyed. My life will lose meaning. I will end up blogging all my life.

Thanks. Are you like coming back with the cash?

Fucker in life.


  1. Czar said...
    Reminds me of Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels..

    Nice post. :P
    amrit said...

    Haven't seen either! Thanks for the calling it nice! :)
    Raveena said...
    Lol...I love ur blog!!
    amrit said...

    Thanks! :)

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