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Blogging from a mall which has wifi. First time experience. Nice experience.

Being amidst a crowd that's moving and continuously changing makes the environment a lot lively. There's some energy about it.

Shot a "How to make Chicken Biryani" yesterday when Uncle and Aunt made it for the three of us. A youtube video shall be out soon.

Came to the Forum mall to catch up with friends cum classmates who are interning in the same city. The Bengaluru city! Didn't really have much to do. So we thought we would shoot something. I had got my hanycam with me.

We caught up few guys, told them we were from IIT Madras and were here in Bangalore to shoot a documentary. I told that the documentary was on the difference in rural lifestyle and metro lifestyle and that we would like to know if they would ever be willing to contribute to the betterment of rural India's life. I appeared confident and they thought we were serious. And they talked bullshit which didn't make much sense! :P But nevetheless it was a nice timepass. :D I will upload the videos for you to see it for yourself how serious they were (and how serious I was :P )

But to be frank, our aim was to get to talk to babes! The mall was full of them. It was Sunday and this was Bangalore! After our warm up session with guys, we started looking for girls. Single girls roaming without any stupid looking males around. We hardly found any! Of course not a surprise. And I was kinda too nervous to approach the few whom we could spot.

After a long long time (read one hour), finally one of the friends went over to a babe (he doesn't think she was a babe!). It appeared that the whole thing would go off well. She was listening. And then all of a sudden, she asked for our I cards! Fuck her! We showed her mine. And then, tragedy struck. We saw her waving a loving 'hi' to someone on the escalator. He was a stupid looking male. Coming down the escalator. Looked like her boyfriend. He came over. We chatted for sometime, but finally they fuckin refused to appear in our doc. Attitude! Fuck em all. They refused to listen to us, IITians! Fuck em real hard! Fuck their attitude.

We gave up. We dropped the idea of shooting any more. One friend had to leave.

Once again, there was nothing more. The two of us were wondering what more to do when we saw something happening at the AMD stall. Guys were screaming! We reached there. Whoever screamed "AMD rocks" loudest, would get a tee. Cool! A black ADM tee!

With an intel based laptop lying inside my bag, I jumped up on the small stage, and shouted "AMD rocks". I was loudest as was one more guy. Both of us got the tee. Yayyy. AMD rocks!! :P

Never before in my life, I have spent morning till evening in one mall. There was something else in my mind which kept forcing me to be there for as long as possible. Someone out there, readng this post will understand what I mean. And to you 'that someone', I would like to say 'Yes, I missed you all the time I was there'. By the way, Forum looks like home to me now. Both of us are sitting in McD sipping coke. And it's time we leave because this female attendent just came over and asked if we are done. Fuck her!

Sunday. Funday.


  1. ankit said...
    when r u coming to hyd ?? my no 09912962565
    Czar said...
    Welcome to Bengaluru ... once again.. :)

    And as far as shooting films are concerned. The Bangalore girls have too much attitude.

    Of course, the fact that desp IITians have added to the woes of the genuine IITian in the many years that have gone by plays a big role in the attitude that the girls possess now.. :P
    amrit said...

    Sometime in June. When is her exam ending?


    So did you ever try shooting videos in Bang yourself? But whatever, it was fun man! And let's meet coming weekend. How about a movie?
    Twilight Fairy said...
    yo.. AMD rocks !!
    hmmm.. i havent spend more than 3 continuous hrs at Forum... and i dont think i can at any place...
    but u sure had a lot of fun.. lol...
    and i wish i had come...
    amrit said...

    :) Forum rocks too!

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