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Kalam and Yamaha

Naah. This is not one of those PJs which could have been: how are Abdul Kalam and Yamaha connected? In case anyone of you does think that there can be a funny and witty answer to this one, let me know.

Let me begin with Kalam. Read this: Inflation will be controlled, Kalam promises Parliament. Do you find it as funny as I do? Isn't it as odd as saying something like this: An IIT will be opened in Patna, Amrit Vatsa promises Bihar. Or hey, how about this: Osama Bin Laden will be captured, Amitabh Bachchan promises IIT Madras.

Seriously, tell me one thing that Kalam can do to alter inflation rate? But on second thoughts, it was obvious that Kalam couldn't have said this on his own. He cannot. He is the President. The statutory head. A follow up of the article deconstructed the illusion. Kalam was addressing the opening session of Parliament. And he did what a President does. He just read the crap handed to him by the ruling party. Poor chap! :)

This one was a funny sounding headline. The one that I will talk about now belongs to the "stupidly obvious" category. Read this: Yamaha may shut shop if numbers don't improve. Why can't they just say that Yamaha's numbers showing no signs of improvement? Amrit's CGPA might fall down if he doesn't mug. The world knows this. The aliens know this. Everyone knows this. You will die if you don't eat. You know that. The world knows that. The aliens know that. Why do you ever need to write such obvious things as headlines? So that, guys like me can manage to pull off a post on an otherwise fine Saturday morning. :D

Food for thought

Google Reader

I have half an hour to go before the next class begins. And I thought I would use this time to blog about one of the latest offerings of google. If you love browsing blogs, you are going to love it. If you are a blogger yourself, you will love it more.

The stuff that I am talking about is google reader. The refering url will direct you to the site. This basically is a feed-reader. Those who know what feeds are, must have understood the concept. And for those who don't know what feeds are, they are data formats used for serving frequently updated content on net. Talking about blogs, I as a blogger need to syndicate a web feed, and those who want to get an update as soon as I post a new blogpost need to subscribe to it. It is much more simpler than it sounds. Let me come straight away to how google reader works and why it is good.

You will need to have a gmail account to login to google reader. Once you have logged in, locate the "add subscription" button and click on it. Then all you have to do is to enter the url of the blogsite (or any other site which you think syndicates a web feed) and click on "add". Job done. You can add as many sites as you want. So what next?

Well, now the whole interface looks pretty much like your gmail inbox. You can read the posts in google reader. And later whenever you login, you will be shown any new post that has been put up on any of the sites that you subscribed to. This makes it a lot easier for you to check your favourite blogs without having to open each site separately and then later realizing that only some of them had been updated.

For those who have their own blogsites, there's one feature which they should like. It is the 'sharing' feature. You can mark any post that you have subscribed to, as 'shared'. After you have checked one or more posts on google reader as 'shared' you can generate a clip that can be put up on your own blog. The clip will display the shared items. For example, notice a gray box on the right side of the screen here on my page (Amrit's shared items). The items that you see here, were marked as 'shared' in google reader. Get the funda?

Hope this post is found useful to those who didn't know about aggregators. Aggregators? Well, that's the popular word for any feed-reader that helps you assemble n number of feeds together (what google reader essentially does). Anyways, time to catch up for class. Leave comments for me to follow up.

Karan to SRK

Karan: A piece of advice you would give me for my next film?
SRK: Keep me young, unmarried and with kajol and Rani!


Watch out for the second season of Koffee with Karan. The launch episode features SRK, Kajol and Rani.


Does that mean anything? Lifing? It means a lot. It means loving your life. Love it for yourself. Live it for others. There's just one life. Live it with passion. Listen to Floyd. Fly at times. Blow away thou worries. Because there are no worries. Get inspired. Stop being lazy. Stop cribbing. Get a life. Borrow a life. Steal a life. Life.

And on a different note, you might like this quote. I liked it: Love is rarer than genius itself. And friendship is rarer than love.


You lie within
inside me.
I pray to you.
Listen to me.

I am alive

This post is being posted to remind the few regular readers of this otherwise not-so-worthy blogsite that the blogger is alive. And the last few poetic posts mean nothing! They were composed for the sole purpose of highlighting the author's (yet again) not-so-worthy literary skills.

On a lighter note, some of you might love these definitions which I happened to come across while browsing through yesterday's ET. Can't find the exact article right now, but let me put it in my own words from whatever I remember:

Investors: they got money but have no idea about the market
Brokers: they know all about the market but have got no money
Business Tycoons: they know the market well, and have got money too
Business Journalists: neither do they have money, nor a clue about the market :)

Hit the wall

hit the wall
break it
punch it
hit it hard
hit the wall
let the fingers hurt
let the fist swell
let the skin go red
keep hitting
keep punching
knock it off
rip it
crush it
feel it
the pain
another blow
once more
keep going
smile at the cuts
laugh at the blood
get mad
act mad
show strength
lose strength
bang bang
the wall will cry
will cry with you
will scream with you
will bleed with you
will collapse
will suffer
will be gone
with numb muscles
and broken bones
hit the wall
hit it hard

Ask me

Ask me to wait
for hundred years.
I'll wait till the sun's alive.
Ask me to wipe
all your tears.
A single drop, I wont let thrive.

Ask me to run
a million miles.
I'll run till my last breath.
Ask me to build
magical isles.
I'll raise'm from blood and sweat.

Ask me to lead.
I'll walk along, head to head.
Ask me to bleed.
I'll turn every river red.

Ask me to love you.
You wont need more love.
Or bid me adieu.
I will go. Nah, not my love.


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