What's coffeeing? Well, when the world boozes, it's called boozing. But what about those who don't booze and still wanna get drunk? They indulge in coffeeing! And oh boy, I went coffeeing today like mad. Like crazy.

2:00 Cuppuccino
2:30 Espresso
3:15 Cafe Latte
4:00 Grande Mug

I am on top of the world today. :) I am a lucky person. Today is such a special day in my life!

A lost nail and hanging balls

I was teaching yesterday. Physics. Tenth class physics. I was clearing some doubts for the two kids. Their board examination is approaching fast.

One of them had written a test some time back. The test paper had been prepared by his mother. He hadn't answered some questions. He didn't know the answers to them. One of the unanswered questions needed him to describe an experimental method for demonstrating the phenomenon of resonance.

'There are so many mentioned in your book. You should have remembered one of them', I remarked.

He tried to explain. 'Well, I remember real life examples like that of a motorcycle which at times starts vibrating vigorously at some speed when the forced vibration matches it's natural frequency. But I am not sure about an experimental method as such.'

'Of course there are. Let's look into your book'. I opened the chapter on sound, found some experiment, and without bothering to read it, told him, 'Here look, you can quote this experiment to show resonance.' I was pointing to a diagram present in his Physics text-book which was very similar to one that's present below. There were four pendulums, the alternate ones having equal lengths.

I continued, 'so you see, you can use these hanging balls to show resonance. Can't you?'.

Wait a second. What did I just say? Hanging balls? Yep, that was right. I knew it from the way the kids looked at each other and couldn't control their smile. It was embarrassing. And I totally forgot how else to refer to the balls. Hanging balls they were. And hanging balls I called them. I had totally forgotten the existence of this word called 'pendulum'. We were smiling together, somehow holding our laughs.

The doubt followed. It was not too clear to them how resonance was demonstrated here, in this hanging balls experiment.

'You can bring a vibrating tuning fork near one of the balls, and when the frequency of vibration matches the natural frequency of the ball, the ball will start oscillating with increased amplitude. At the same time, the alternate ball which is hanging through a thread of equal length will also start oscillating because for everything else remaining constant, frequency of a ball hanging from a thread depends upon its length. For the same reason, the other two balls won't oscillate with increased amplitude. Their natural frequency is in mismatch with the externally applied frequency. Is it clear to you guys now?'

It was fun! I am happy I had the balls to deliver the explaination in a serious tone, without letting my embarassement show off. :)

Well, this was the bit on hanging balls. The funny bit. The 'lost nail' story however isn't that funny. It is rather a true and painful story of a nail that I lost. Today. It belonged to my right foot hallux which now lies nail-less and bandaged. Two guys accidently jumped over my right foot. And it happened. In fractions of second. No pain. Twisted nail. A cool sensation. But for everything that goes, another pops up to take place. So all I have to do is wait for a new nail to grow up. And it sure will. Lost nail over hanging balls, anytime ;)


Lost. Awake. Blank.
I smile.
I smile and I cry.
I cry and I sleep.
I sleep and I dream.
I see you.
I love you.
You fly.
Fly high.
In the sky.
Lost. Awake. Blank.
Emotions dead.
Heart stoned.
Lips sealed.
Eyes dry.

Just another morning

I got up some time ago. At five in the morning! I got up because I saw weird dreams and started feeling restless. I had slept at some time after three. And I am still restless, though not very sure why.

I decided to write a poem. Couldn't. I typed. I deleted. I typed again. I deleted again. Nothing! It happens with everyone at times. Right? Say right. Vatsap?

May be not a poem. The craziest blog till now at least. Something!

Anshu & Shweta : 7

The wheels that rolled

I stopped. I had two options in front of me. A. Continue with the ride that had become too painful to enjoy. B. Discontinue and walk back.

No one cared about which option I chose. No one knew I was skating anyways. It was all about me. Whether I wanted to reach my goal, that I had set minutes ago or was I ready to give up?

The goal was to skate from hostel to the IIT main gate and then return. Close to six kilometers. I had done it before. But never with this pair of skates. This one with attached shoes was smaller for my feet. But I had taken the challenge. And it soon proved to be so painful. There was hardly any space for the toe. It got too squeezed in, as I kept struggling and soon it was hurting. With each roll forward, it hurt. I had to decide.

I was about to unbuckle the skates, and walk back to hostel. Bare foot. Main gate might have been a kilometer away. And then suddenly something happened. I heard a voice. It came from within.

'Isn't this how life is? Things don't always turn out the way you thought them to. Difficulties pop in from nowhere. The calculations go wrong and giving up appears to be the easiest option. But would you really like doing that? Just because it hurts? Can't you still complete the journey which you began with so much passion and excitement? Will you let the small shoe decide how you live? Can't you still talk to air, roll on wheels, and roll faster than before? How could you forget the phrase that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going? Or are you even tough?'

I picked option A. I took the complete round trip. I talked to air, rolled on wheels and let my toe fight for itself. Yes, some skin did wear off on both the feet and the hallux is still swolen. But then I felt powerful. I made the right choice. And I learnt a little more about life. I grew up a little more.

Anshu & Shweta : 6

Anshu & Shweta : 5


I thank Neha for passing the link to this video. I like it. India rocks!

Anshu & Shweta : 4

It's never too late

Was browsing through today's ET. Paused at the bottom-left article on page 10. Ithen found the reference news on net. But before I pass on the link, I should tell what happened this semester. I paid close to 150 bucks fine to library because I hadn't returned any of the four books borrowed last semester! But then, as they say it's never too late. Isn't it?

Let me come back to the article now. Here's the reference news. 47 years overdue! What the ....? What a guy! Is it never too late? ;)

Anshu & Shweta : 3

Get Accepted

Finished watching a movie moments ago. It goes by the name 'Accepted'. Was released in 06. And I laughed like hell especially during the last 20 minutes. Laughed with the guys in the movie and ended up clapping all alone in my room, along with the crowd that claps and cheers in the climax. Everyone who is in college should watch this movie for sure. Yes, it's unreal. Yes, it's a fantasy. And yes, it's freaky and too wild to be true. But what the hell, it still connects with you. And I am sure you will love watching it and laugh along the way I did.

For those who want to know what this movie is all about, go imdb.

The old man who left a message

I am happy today. I know why. Some more know it too. And those who don't, need not. So what does one do when one is happy. One blogs? Well, I do! :)

This is about an old man. He looked like a labour kinda guy when I first saw him. He was wearing some ancient, worn out and not-so-clean clothes that hid his slim frame. He was not clean, had white hairs on head as well on face, and was sitting. He was sitting in a crowded bus. It was the Chennai city bus. I saw him when I entered the crowded bus which would bring me to IIT from Chennai Central. There was no vaccant seat. None! It was difficult for passengers to even stand properly. I had three bags with me. I had just returned from home. I was in this crowded bus. I saw the old man. He saw me.

While travelling in crowded buses, what I usually do is to go stand close to some seat so that whenever it gets empty I can let my ass rest for the remaining ride. I went near where the old man was sitting. I stood there. Few seconds had passed when he spoke in Tamil. I do not understand Tamil much, but I guess he meant to ask if I wanted to sit. I nodded. He left his seat. I presumed he would be leaving at the next stop. Afterall, in a jam-packed bus like this he would like to leave his seat a li'l earlier, so that he can reach the door cutting his way through the crowd. I sat down.

I was sitting. He stood there. The old man. He stood there without trying to reach for the door. A bus stop came soon. The bus stopped. Some boarded in, some stepped out. He remained there; standing effortlessly. The old man. This made me feel bad. I was a young guy who should be standing while he was the one who should be seated. How could someone be so nice to a stranger? I looked at him. He was looking somewhere else. He was not even bothered.

Next stop came. He still didn't leave. I started getting restless. I felt too bad. This world is all a race, isn't it? It's all about who can grab the seat first. And here this old poor and (I guess) illeterate chap had left his seat even without me asking for it. For whom? I had never done that for anyone.

Another stop came. He remained there. Standing. It was too much to take. I decided that if he didn't leave by the next stop, I wouldn't sit anymore. After about twenty minutes since he had offered me his seat, another stop came and he left. Finally!

The old man who had white hairs had left but he made me realize that this world is not just about the survival of fittest, not just about some race. This world is also about compassion for fellow human beings. I will remember this bus ride always. Our life is like a bus ride. People come and they leave. And some find a special place in your heart. Because you know, they were good to you even when they would get nothing in return.

Anshu & Shweta : 2

Anshu & Shweta : 1

The comic

Guess what I found in home this time. A nine year old treasure. A comic book. It was not an ordinary one. I had created it, painted it, written it all by myself. Yeah and all that was done neat nine years ago. Pretty long time, eh!

As I started reading the stuff, I realized that I did not remember the story at all. The story was kiddish for sure, but it was good and interesting and kept going. I liked it.

What I plan to do now is officially release each page every alternate day starting tomorrow. The original version is in hindi, but I will put here a translated copy for the sake of my non-hindi speaking readers.

Oh, and the name... well, it's sweet and simple: Anshu and Shweta!

Winter Vacation 2006

The young man you know is me. The young man who is taller and fairer is my bro. The not so young man (with not many hairs on head) is dad. The woman is mom. The video gets boring after a while. But you have so much time to kill. So do that.

Back to face sem eight

The Vatsa returned today to the southern land of Chennai and added charm to the campus called the IIT.

The Vatsa put a blog and uploaded a pic. The pic was shot on the holy day of 25th December in a small northern hilly holy place called Deoghar. The location is Trikuti hill.


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