Get Accepted

Finished watching a movie moments ago. It goes by the name 'Accepted'. Was released in 06. And I laughed like hell especially during the last 20 minutes. Laughed with the guys in the movie and ended up clapping all alone in my room, along with the crowd that claps and cheers in the climax. Everyone who is in college should watch this movie for sure. Yes, it's unreal. Yes, it's a fantasy. And yes, it's freaky and too wild to be true. But what the hell, it still connects with you. And I am sure you will love watching it and laugh along the way I did.

For those who want to know what this movie is all about, go imdb.


  1. aniket said...
    Saw the movie a while back. 'Twas a great movie. Had to laugh at the absurdity of it and also the fact that despite all shortcomings it still moved your heart.
    amrit said...
    :) Great that you enjoyed!

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