Nana karte pyaar tumhi se kar baithe

I have literally fallen in love with this man's performance. There was a time, when I was so sure he could deliver only one type of show, the type that he had himself estabilishd in Krantiveer.

Nana definitly proved me wrong. He was simply amazing as the corrupt politician in Apharan (and rightly deserved the Filmfare award for the best actor in a negative role, which he got two days back) as well as the comic character in Bluff Master. His level of acting in both these movies is unmatched.

And the latest flick that I am looking upto is Taxi No. 9211. Anyone seen it already?

Update: See what I discovered: Nana's blog
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Who can smile better?

Her performance in Black was outstanding, so what if this caricature is not. But hey, don't tell me the eyes were not sufficient for you to guess who she was? Hmm?

Bill Se

There's something about him that makes me wish I were him.

I mean, let's think of these:

* I would have been the most powerful man on earth for eight years straight.

*I would have had sex with a hot chick working in my office, would have been in limelight because of this and at the end of it, my wife would still have had been with me.

*I would have been helping out the AIDS affected Indian junta, making sure that God gets enough happy to book a place for me in heaven. [news link]

Oh, I really wish I were him.

Do you really wanna know?

'By the way, did I ask you how was your day today, honey?'

She responded without even looking, 'you are trying to be sweet, aren't you?'

'Why are you talking like this, hmm? Angry with me? Oh cummon, you should tell me if there's something going on inside you. Shouldn't you?'

She didn't reply.

'Do you really wanna know, what feeling hot is all about? Hmm?'

There was a spark in her eyes as she replied, 'Oh yes mom, please tell me.'

'Tell me first, what do you think it is. Do you really believe it had anything to do with standing out in the sun?'


'So? What do you think?'

'I don't know. I am too small. You should tell me mummaa. Please, tell me now.'

'Okay, kiddo. You feel hot when you get sick and you catch fever. You forgot the last time, mumma was sick, and she was so hot? And mumma had to take medicines to get well?'

'Oh yeah, you are right mumma. I remember now, you were like sooo hot and then dad was like, I mean he just helped you all night. Yeah I remember.'

Sanjana just couldn't control her laughter at this. 'You got it kiddo. So now, start with your homework baby. Will you?'

this conversation follows this story

STEELing the show

some like it HOT

The sun was shining on her innocent beautiful face. But the sunscreen lotion would save her from turning darker. As if she cared. Sanjana saw her in the sun and called out.

'What are you doing there in the sun?'

'Feeling hot'.

A smile appeared on Sanjana's face as she listened to this. 'And why do you want to feel hot baby? It's already so hot. And days will turn warmer as the summer is going to mature.'

'When does one feel hot?'

Now this is really getting messy.
Sanjana went to her and brought her back inside the shade of the room.

'You shouldn't be watching too much of TV. What about your homework, finished it? Cummon, chalo mumma will help you do it.'

We HATE you, you foolish blogger

Most of them, who are my friends here in IIT, can't understand why someone needs to blog; why I need to blog. Poor creatures!

Those friends who are closer to me, not only don't understand the need to blog but to top it, go ahead and laugh and make fun of this hobby of mine, on the slightest opportunity. This obviously makes my life a little difficult, if nothing else. These guys will make faces, pass some bullshit comments, and try to convince me that blogging is a total time pass, whenever they can. This attitude becomes quite painful at times. But then, I still blog and I know why I do that.

Why do I blog?

I just LOVE blogging. Yes, the answer is as simple as that. Love is the word!

Blogging isn't just another hobby to me, but is a source of immense satisfaction to my soul, in this mad place called IIT where all that matters to every focussed guy is CGPA. Blogging takes me to a new world, lets me share my thoughts and opinions with anyone who cares to, and gives to me an opportunity to delve in something, which makes me feel passionate about it.


These guys I have been discussing are not evil or anything like that. I can try to explain why they react the way they do.

Most of them, have never tried blogging. So they have no idea, what kind of a hobby it is. When it's about painting, or sketching, or playing cricket, everyone knows what the deal is. And the reason is simple. As kids, all of us have tried our hands at these well known hobbies. So we have some clue as to what makes people enjoy these.

So when I make sketches, it is taken in a good spirit but when it comes to blogging, it just appears shit to these dear friends. Not their fault. May be in a couple of years, when the world will realize it's the hobby of the new century, the logic behind blogging will make some sense to these guys. And then they could appreciate what I do.

Till that time, I have to live with the bitter fact that blogging appears so useless to my buddies. The only good thing is that, I know at least few persons who do take it in good spirit. And this is what keeps me going.


About a little more than four months ago, a Danish Newspaper published a series of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad. One of the pictures even showed a bomb placed inside the Prophet's turban. These images were soon reprinted in many other newspapers in many other countries.

This enraged Muslims all over this world leading to violent protests, and even deaths of few.

Was it correct to hurt the sentiments of a community?

What is secularism all about? Aren't we supposed to have respect for all religions? Then how can mockery of any religion be accepted?

I don't give a damn to religions and am mostly an atheist but I never make fun of other religions. And I do so for a simple reason. That does not serve any purpose but only infuriates the concerned people.

In the cartoon controversy case, the Danish newspaper said, the cartoon artists were asked to depict Prophet the way they saw him. Now, how justified is it to declare to the entire world how you look at another religion's faith, well aware that it would lead to nothing but hatred among few.

I agree that the reaction by the Muslim community is obviously an overreaction. But one shouldn't forget who started it all. Art should be used to promote peace and humor, and not unrest.


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