About a little more than four months ago, a Danish Newspaper published a series of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad. One of the pictures even showed a bomb placed inside the Prophet's turban. These images were soon reprinted in many other newspapers in many other countries.

This enraged Muslims all over this world leading to violent protests, and even deaths of few.

Was it correct to hurt the sentiments of a community?

What is secularism all about? Aren't we supposed to have respect for all religions? Then how can mockery of any religion be accepted?

I don't give a damn to religions and am mostly an atheist but I never make fun of other religions. And I do so for a simple reason. That does not serve any purpose but only infuriates the concerned people.

In the cartoon controversy case, the Danish newspaper said, the cartoon artists were asked to depict Prophet the way they saw him. Now, how justified is it to declare to the entire world how you look at another religion's faith, well aware that it would lead to nothing but hatred among few.

I agree that the reaction by the Muslim community is obviously an overreaction. But one shouldn't forget who started it all. Art should be used to promote peace and humor, and not unrest.

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  1. Geetali said...
    I agree with you Amrit. I don't promote a certain religion either, and consider myself an Agnostic. But coming from a Hindu backgroud and being brought up in a Hindu environment I have seen [and continue to experience] hate towards the beliefs, ideas, and texts of other religions. I find this approach very ignorant and childish. One cannot prove that his or her religion places higher than someone else's by making fun of the other religion.

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