Bill Se

There's something about him that makes me wish I were him.

I mean, let's think of these:

* I would have been the most powerful man on earth for eight years straight.

*I would have had sex with a hot chick working in my office, would have been in limelight because of this and at the end of it, my wife would still have had been with me.

*I would have been helping out the AIDS affected Indian junta, making sure that God gets enough happy to book a place for me in heaven. [news link]

Oh, I really wish I were him.


  1. Anonymous said...
    If you are talking about good old Bill Clinton, I agree with you. Despite everything, he still remains ever popular. Even my wife likes him "Dil-se"
    bharath said...
    William Jefferson Clinton is one lucky man. Not everybody can be him.

    You never know, soon he could be the World's most powerful lady's hubby...
    amrit said...
    I still wish I could be him!

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