We HATE you, you foolish blogger

Most of them, who are my friends here in IIT, can't understand why someone needs to blog; why I need to blog. Poor creatures!

Those friends who are closer to me, not only don't understand the need to blog but to top it, go ahead and laugh and make fun of this hobby of mine, on the slightest opportunity. This obviously makes my life a little difficult, if nothing else. These guys will make faces, pass some bullshit comments, and try to convince me that blogging is a total time pass, whenever they can. This attitude becomes quite painful at times. But then, I still blog and I know why I do that.

Why do I blog?

I just LOVE blogging. Yes, the answer is as simple as that. Love is the word!

Blogging isn't just another hobby to me, but is a source of immense satisfaction to my soul, in this mad place called IIT where all that matters to every focussed guy is CGPA. Blogging takes me to a new world, lets me share my thoughts and opinions with anyone who cares to, and gives to me an opportunity to delve in something, which makes me feel passionate about it.


These guys I have been discussing are not evil or anything like that. I can try to explain why they react the way they do.

Most of them, have never tried blogging. So they have no idea, what kind of a hobby it is. When it's about painting, or sketching, or playing cricket, everyone knows what the deal is. And the reason is simple. As kids, all of us have tried our hands at these well known hobbies. So we have some clue as to what makes people enjoy these.

So when I make sketches, it is taken in a good spirit but when it comes to blogging, it just appears shit to these dear friends. Not their fault. May be in a couple of years, when the world will realize it's the hobby of the new century, the logic behind blogging will make some sense to these guys. And then they could appreciate what I do.

Till that time, I have to live with the bitter fact that blogging appears so useless to my buddies. The only good thing is that, I know at least few persons who do take it in good spirit. And this is what keeps me going.


  1. Makam said...
    well, yeah...depends on the kind of frineds you have here da....
    many ppl in my gang of friends blog...so here i am the one ridiculed (not so often though...) for NOT blogging...imagine :)
    Sumesh said...
    STFU Blogging isn't bad but what about writing a blog in some 3-4 hours and then refreshing the page all day, waiting for some comment......its only madness and this is what "stud" Amrit ( who has understand the need of the century ) does.
    Anonymous said...
    hey.. it is not just blogging that your friends hate you about. Although we poor, illiterate, ignorant people know nothing about the hobby of the century and dont realise its urgency to a being (and off course we didnt see it in our childhood, the point you could so well interpret, as you have always done), we would have cursed you even if you had drawn potraits, sketches (which we lowbrow people are able to appreciate) a night before end sems. Although it sounds very fancy to call IIT mad and curse junta for being after CGPA but then this is a fact. You are in a rat race and you gotta complete it dude, willingly or unwillingly, (although i dont believe it to be a rat race). If you think you are not made for all this engineering bullshit and "you are an artist at heart" (which you love to repronounce at every opportunity you get) I think u are too late to realise that. Well... good luck.
    P.S.: please stop this practise of interpreting and documenting psychology of people. It sucks!!!
    Aks said...
    agree with anshuman.....except at one point...if you feel you are born to be an artist...then my frnd...seriously...start thinking about making it a career...that and that only will give you the maximum satisfaction in life....trust me on that...( another funda from aks...huh....:-D sorry for all these fundaes in life...:-D )
    Anonymous said...
    Congratulations for being able to reat peer pressure in a positive manner.

    It is said that hobbies are more a measuer of a man than profession is and are the means to select the right occupation and avoid lifelong suffering. If you wish, you can check out my blog on "MAke your passion your profession". There is an IITan on my blogroll who gave it up all to persue writing as a career. So there you are.
    amrit said...



    Thanks for telling that blogging isn't bad. And I had left the madness that you were talking about, long back.
    And yes, I don't know if I have understood the need of the century but blogging is definitely the latest hobby of the century. No doubt about it.


    The only problem with you is that you already know everything. For some reasons or another, I guess YOU have become the one who thinks he knows exactly how my brain functions and why I do things which I do. But sorry yaar, you hardly know.

    By the way, I am an artist at heart. :D
    And I am not made for this engineering bullshit :D :D
    Thanks for the good luck, hope that will be helpful to me.


    I have tried to think seriously, but could never come up with anything. The real world is too harsh for people to survive till they are the best in their fields.


    Thanks man.

    And your blogsite is really really inspiring. Loved it.
    Myndfcukd said...
    Heve you tried to look at it some other way?

    A manifestation of their deepest desires, coupled with the inability, to blog. perhaps?
    ankit said...
    what is the reason to hate a person who blogs?
    amrit said...

    Yeah, may be.


    No, they don't hate someone who blogs. They just act, and try to show that blogging sucks.
    ommachi said...
    Amrit: I cannot say it the way you say it here, in my blog. The "matured" me need to keep the greatest common good in mind. This is one reason people blog anonymously.
    amrit said...

    I agree! 100% true! May be, a few years down the line, I will get polite too! :) Hopefully!

    And if that happens, I will give full credit to you for the inspiration!
    Anonymous said...

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