She and myself

She was looking more than mere beautiful that evening. I got up from my chair as she came towards me, smiling in her trademark style. She got seated on the adjacent chair, and we were soon busy talking.

This woman defied her age. As she spoke, telling me about her good days and the not so good days, her eyes gleamed and her face shined. I was hooked to her, listening to all she had to say. It took me some time to realize that suddenly she had become quite. She was no more talking. She was not even looking at me. She had apparently got lost in her own world.

I waited for some time, and then waved my right hand to bring her back to where we were. Her eyes didn't move. She didn' move. She was dead! She had left this world.

I closed my eyes in grief and saw her face. That slowly turned into mine. I opened my eyes again. She was there no more. The chair was empty; only one of them. There was a body on the other chair. That was mine.

Go to hell!

The summer was killing him when he decided to escape the heat at any cost. He had saved enough cash to pack for a trip to some distant hill station. Sitting on his king size bed, he picked the phone and dialled a friend's number.

A female voice welcomed him, 'Hi! I thought you had comepletely forgotten that I even existed. Great that you called after so many months. So how is life?'

'Life had been a little hectic yaar, with too much of work-load. Though I couldn't call, do I even to need to tell that I definitely missed all my friends? Hmm?'

'Arrey, I was kidding bhaai, dont get serious now. You have called after so many days, and here we are, arguing! Aur sunao, whats happening in your life?'

'Life! I need a break now. It's too hot here and if I dont' leave the city within a week, I will definitely die. I called you to ask if you could suggest me some 'cool' place where I can plan a 2 weeks trip. Any place in mind?'

'Go to HELL!'

What's that one thing?

A great friend of mine asked me not a very long time back: What's that one thing in life that you don't have but you would like to possess? A good question in my opinion! And it's definitely okay to think about these stuffs once in a while.

After much thought I replied: All I wish is to find some one, some day, who could love me lifelong, could listen to all that I have to say and could be there with me all the time. A true loving company is all I would like to have!

The friend responded with wisdom: don't you already have someone like that?

Do I? I have no clue!


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