Go to hell!

The summer was killing him when he decided to escape the heat at any cost. He had saved enough cash to pack for a trip to some distant hill station. Sitting on his king size bed, he picked the phone and dialled a friend's number.

A female voice welcomed him, 'Hi! I thought you had comepletely forgotten that I even existed. Great that you called after so many months. So how is life?'

'Life had been a little hectic yaar, with too much of work-load. Though I couldn't call, do I even to need to tell that I definitely missed all my friends? Hmm?'

'Arrey, I was kidding bhaai, dont get serious now. You have called after so many days, and here we are, arguing! Aur sunao, whats happening in your life?'

'Life! I need a break now. It's too hot here and if I dont' leave the city within a week, I will definitely die. I called you to ask if you could suggest me some 'cool' place where I can plan a 2 weeks trip. Any place in mind?'

'Go to HELL!'


  1. Neelabh said...
    As expected from you!!
    Bohemian said...
    'GTH'...one of our most bankable phrases in times of angry outbursts...seems like ur sweet frnd was as frustoo as were you, at dat moment :|
    amrit said...

    Expectations kill!


    I like abrubt ends to pieces of fiction!

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