What's that one thing?

A great friend of mine asked me not a very long time back: What's that one thing in life that you don't have but you would like to possess? A good question in my opinion! And it's definitely okay to think about these stuffs once in a while.

After much thought I replied: All I wish is to find some one, some day, who could love me lifelong, could listen to all that I have to say and could be there with me all the time. A true loving company is all I would like to have!

The friend responded with wisdom: don't you already have someone like that?

Do I? I have no clue!


  1. Rose said...
    Hi... came across ur blog...

    This short and meaningful blog made me think about the people around me, people who are always there for me yet whom I take for granted everyday...

    Shankar said...
    Just Looked like I had written it !!
    First of all, you should not have joined the college in which you are studying, if you are on a search for that kinda person !! Just my thoughts !!
    styleguy said...
    Well, first of all, its a tough question that you've posed....I could never do with just ONE person...coz a support system is made up of a group of people...though some might disagree. Anyways, a nice post nonetheless.
    Bohemian said...
    hmmmmmmm..so u still haven't found your soulmate,huh?

    ...given the kind of multi faceted and charismatic persona u got, its musn't b all dat difficult for u to find one...but then we can never go searching for love, it can only be encountered when u least expect it...dats wat i feel. i mayb wrong...
    EYE said...
    interesting question, interesting answer. But life is not all that easy
    Neelabh said...
    i dont find this blog meaningfull at all. this is so psychedelic..
    amrit said...

    Thanks for calling it 'short and meaningful'


    Ok. Will wait till I leave this college!

    @Style guy

    Thanks! And yeah, to each his own!


    I think you are right! Waiting for the encounter to happen!


    Life is not at all easy!


    Will try to have some 'meaning' when I post the next.
    Anonymous said...
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