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When I had decided to start two blog sites, I was sure what kind of post would go where. The site amritvatsa.blogspot was supposed to carry my regular posts, while amrithome.blogspot was supposed to carry the personal ones where I talked only about myself and stuffs I thought were personal and too boring to be posted as a regular blog post.

But sometimes it's difficult to decide how much personal is personal. Like my recent tour. Initially I was posting it at amrithome, but now I think, it could have gone well as a regular blog because afterall it's about the places that I am visiting and will be visiting rather than anything else. So from now on, I will use this site to post about any tour or trip that I make. The two posts that I made are here and here.

As the title suggests I am in Delhi today. Not that we (read family) had plans to go for sight seeing in Delhi, but we had to stay here because of unavailablity of tickets to Leh on 24th. Any of you who plan to go to Leh by flight make sure that you book your tickets sufficiently early. Airlines run full during the peak seasons of June-August.

Lakshman Jhoola in Rishikesh was a normal suspension bridge, but with Ganga flowing below it, the whole scene was a delight to watch. Water here was way cooler (close to five degrees) than that in Haridwar but we did take bath. It started raining at the same time, and for the first time, rain water appeared warm. Talk about relativity!

There was an eight storyed ordinary temple close to the Lakshman jhoola, and we did climb all the stairs to reach the topmost floor and have a view of the scenic beauty around.

Have to rush now, will come back later. BBye!

Getting paid for my art?

Can't believe it but I finally got a reply from Michael just moments ago! Can't quote his mails any more because they are supposed to be personal. Will let you guys know if he liked my work.

This reaction follows this post.


My attempt at audio blogging

I am getting popular!

I use gmail for sending and receiving e-mails. But then before gmail happened, I did have a yahoo id like everyone else. To make sure that I don't miss any mail from someone who still does not have my mail id, I do check my yahoo mails once or twice a month.

I did that today. And wow, I found this one. Read it!

Dear Amrit
I found your information on the Internet.
I am looking for a Caricature artist who can produce electronic art from photographs provided. They will all be of people.
I generally have about six different people at a time - about twice a month.
If this is something that you could undertake, please let me know your costs.
Michael Goody
Fort Myers, Florida USA
I am happy! :) In fact this is the second time, a guy proposed to offer me work. The last time, I had replied that I wont have enough time or some crap like that. This time I just couldn't do so.

This mail was sent on 27th of June, so I wish the offer is still open. And are you wondering what rate did I quote? Well, it's two dollars for a black-n-white caricature and three for a colored one.

Few Powerful Men

No, I am not talking about the Politicians. I am talking about Superman and Krrish here. And this is not a movie review. This is for those who have already seen the two recently released movies showcasing these two guys, and who have some more time to waste. Yeah if you are one of them, go ahead and read this post!

Superman is a cool character, completely original, and even though the recently released movie was boring with a very mediocre story line, the character is still as charming as ever. The one and only Superman!

Turn your heads to Krrish now (without having a head-ache if you can)! Not a single thing about the movie, or the character is original. The movie was not as boring as Superman to watch, but it was annoying to see scenes copied from so many different hollywood blockbusters.

Talk about the character first.

  • Hairs: borrowed from Tarzan/Anniyan
  • Mask: borrowed from Anniyan, painted black and slightly modified
  • Costume: borrowed from The Matix Reloaded Trinity (yes you read it right, Trinity)
  • Anti Gravity Skills: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Anything else that makes him a superhero? At least Shaktimaan's costume was(is) one hundred percent original to boast of. What has Krrish got?
And like the character, the rest of the movie has so many borrowed things as well. The made-in-2-years-and-then-destroyed computer resembling a mixture of stuff they had in The Minority Report and Paycheck is jut one example.

And why is that bollywood refuses to grow beyond "20 years" yaar? I am fed up with this number. Every son has to take "badlaa" only after "20 saal". Why not 21, 22, or something less like 18?

If India can boast of an Indian Superhero, there's just one man: Amitabh Bachchan! Krrish, go get some new original costumes first!

Road Trip

More about this video here.

Wait Freshies, Wait

While the sem will begin on time for the rest of us (IITians), the freshies this year will have to wait for one extra week to join the insti! This news report tells that counselling held on day3 and day4 across all IITs will have to be repeated because some error had occured earlier.

So, all the dear freshies-to-be, have a nice time! And don't you worry, the Profs will always manage to call you guys for extra classes and compensate for this one week loss, due to no fault of yours.


Imagine doing this when the Prof is trying to explain some equation in the classroom!

IIT Madras: the jungle

This is the first (very) short (stupid) film shot from my brand new Sony Mini DV cam (yeah it's mine only till I hand it over to dad). A very boring one in my eyes, but let it be. I should leave some scope for improvement, shouldn't I? :)

By the way the actual video that I shot was in 16:9 ratio. Google (previously youtube) however tampered it to 4:3. That's sad!

Updates: There are two mistakes in the narration:

1. The monkey that you see is a 'she'. I have used 'he' instead! oops!
2. Plural of Deer=Deer (I forgot that while narrating). Sorry for that!

Thanks to Nanny for pointing out these two mistakes.

new update: After a lot of wated time, I did figure out how to prevent Google from distorting my video. so here you have a video in 16:9 finally, the way it was actually shot.

The world's fastest Indian

This movie is a must-see for all. It's so real and so sweetly authentic and shining with the charm of the old sixites. Only when I went through IMDB, I realzied that it was released in 2005! A classic!

The movie is about an old man, who has a dream, and who finally meets it by his sheer determination. And it's based on real life. Superb! It inspires you to be a person like Burt Munro.

As usual I wept a lot. The tears of happiness, they say it; they make my life! :) Go watch this movie and you wont ever look at your Grandpa the same way!

Here's a trailor, but I think it's not effective enough. Do watch it anyways.

An Ad like this: priceless!

Have you seen one of those mastercard ads, that end with this tagline: There are something's that money can't buy. For everything else there's mastercard!

All the ads in this series have been pretty good, and always manage to leave a smile on your face.

And now, I found this one! And oh my God, this time, it was not about leaving just a smile, it was about making you die of laughter. Watch this commercial for yourself! Creative minds at work! :)


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