I am getting popular!

I use gmail for sending and receiving e-mails. But then before gmail happened, I did have a yahoo id like everyone else. To make sure that I don't miss any mail from someone who still does not have my mail id, I do check my yahoo mails once or twice a month.

I did that today. And wow, I found this one. Read it!

Dear Amrit
I found your information on the Internet.
I am looking for a Caricature artist who can produce electronic art from photographs provided. They will all be of people.
I generally have about six different people at a time - about twice a month.
If this is something that you could undertake, please let me know your costs.
Michael Goody
Fort Myers, Florida USA
I am happy! :) In fact this is the second time, a guy proposed to offer me work. The last time, I had replied that I wont have enough time or some crap like that. This time I just couldn't do so.

This mail was sent on 27th of June, so I wish the offer is still open. And are you wondering what rate did I quote? Well, it's two dollars for a black-n-white caricature and three for a colored one.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Amrit: Congrats!

    But you know what. Somtime back I was toying with the idea of asking you if you would be interested in making a suitable banner for my scienceblog...

    But I guess I am a bit late. Since you already have business, I guess I should think twice before putting a proposal to you...;)
    Geetali said...
    and your prices are VERY low!
    Very Cheap!
    amrit said...

    Thanks. And a banner for your site, anytime Prof. Just let me know the dimensions.


    Thanks! Yep, I kept them cheap so that they guy couldn't resist from granting the job! And it takes 10 minutes to do a black-n-white caricature! I have absolutely no probs!!
    Anonymous said...

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