An Ad like this: priceless!

Have you seen one of those mastercard ads, that end with this tagline: There are something's that money can't buy. For everything else there's mastercard!

All the ads in this series have been pretty good, and always manage to leave a smile on your face.

And now, I found this one! And oh my God, this time, it was not about leaving just a smile, it was about making you die of laughter. Watch this commercial for yourself! Creative minds at work! :)


  1. Geetali said...
    haha! wasn't there a joke like this? did they make the joke into a commercial or is it the other way round?

    I love the Identity Theft commercials from Citibank.
    dhruv said...
    hehe..this ad is pretty old. seen it a couple of times. mischievous aint it? ;)
    Anonymous said...

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