Early morning

She was up, just ten seconds before the alarm clock could blow. She wondered sometimes about the use of setting the alarm clock, when she always got up on time anyways. But then, it had become a habit, setting up the alarm before going to sleep and then getting up a li'l before five in the morning to switch it off, even beofore it could make any sound.

She loved getting up early. It was so refreshing, and gave her immense strength.

In half an hour, she was out on the road which was still wet with dew. The breeze was icy cool, and made the early morning bed-departure routine worth following. She was happy to have her house opposite a beautiful and huge park where lot of other early risers would reach hopping in their shorts and canvas shoes. Soon like most of them her age out there in the park, she was jogging.

In about five minutes, it started drizzling. Cold freezing drops of a compound commonly referred to as water soon gained intensity, and before anyone could find a shelter, the drizzle had already turned into a heavy downpour. She was all wet. And what the hell, the water was just too cold. She started running fast to reach the nearest shed, which was aleady enough crowded with people. She ran faster, lost balance and fell down, felt the pain, let out a scream and then finally opened her eyes.

'I am sorry, I had to kick you out of the bed. Hope it didn't hurt, did it? But this was the only thing I could do, when even a bottle of ice cold water couldn't wake you up. It will be 365 days tomorrow, when your attempt to get up at five in the morning will fail. Anyways, go have a shower. It's already nine you lazy girl.'


  1. Geetali said...
    :) ...nice one.
    amrit said...

    thanks! :)
    N said...
    nice post da.
    try building up the plot a bit more. give in more details about the place where she lives, the color of her dress, her habits, her mannerisms etc etc. that would be much nicer.

    your style of narration is interesting.

    kep writing more of these!
    amrit said...

    Thanks for the tips offered. I am sure they will help me improve. Yeah, and I'll surely keep writing. This goes for you as well. :) Keep writing.
    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...
    Where did you find it? Interesting read » » »

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