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Something has gone wrong with the comp that I had been using and it just doesn't start. And so when I had no net to consume my time, I made some quick colorful caricatures yesterday night. Would love if you could tell me whose caricatures are these. I bet that wont be too difficult!

One of my best friends in IIT has recently gone crazy over her.

I wanted to read a book written by him, recently released, but haven't been successful so far in my nobel wish.

And this one is a school-mate and the latest star on the pitch!

And of course, the common theme that connects all three of them is the "smile". I love smiling faces! Smile, all the time! :)


  1. Mohan K.V said...
    I don't know who the female is, but your 'nobel' wish was a giveaway.. and Dhoni was your schoolmate ? :O !
    amrit said...
    Yeah, he is from the same school, from which I did my plus II :)

    And let's see who guesses bout the female first! Btw I do suck big time at drawing female caricatures!! Its darn difficult... :(
    ommachi said...
    OK. its the girl who keeps crashing out nowadays, even before any open actually begins...
    amrit said...

    :) quite so! bingo!!
    dhruv said...
    Is it Sania Mirza, Amartya Sen and Himesh Reshmia?
    Sneha said...
    Hmmm...Sania Mirza
    Amratya Sen
    Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

    I know, I have guessed them right!
    So, won't ask u whether i m right or not!!
    amrit said...

    Well Sneha answered them all!


    Great! Good job :) I am happy!
    The Zarker said...
    hello!!.. i happened on your blog in the neoworx page.. nice blog!.. am still learning the alphabet(just started a blog!).. do visit if you can!
    ... dhoni was your school mate?.. a bunch of my classmates here are from his school too..and your sketches are good really...

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