Written for me?

It appears as if someone stumbled upon my podcast on what is life, and then wrote this post. :)

Of course the author of this post never saw my video. But his post definitely seems to be written keeping someone who thinks like me in mind. Read this line- 'Perhaps you're a rather nihilistic person who doesn't believe you have a purpose and that life has no meaning'.

Looks like he is talking about me, doesn't he? This clearly tells me one thing. That I am not the only one who thinks life doesn't have ANY purpose. I should read what he has to talk about. Let's see if he can change the way I think.


  1. dhruv said...
    haha...Life has only one purpose and thats to end! :)
    amrit said...

    Life will end, alright. But that cannot be called a 'purpose'. Can it be? Because if that's the purpose, then why don't we end our lives as soon as we can? Why are we living? WHY? If we are livng, only to wait for death, then what's the point in living?

    It's a different story that since most of us do not really know the purpose, or some like me, believe there's not purpose at all, we just go on living. For living, we need to make efforts. For dying too we need to make efforts. But almost all of us are conditioned to make efforts to live, without asking the reason.

    The more you think of this, more complicated it gets. dfkljjflljdfjf87987$%$^HFH
    dhruv said...
    amrit, i repeat, life has only one purpose and that is to end. It is the ultimate goal of any living being! To become one with nature. Why dont we end our lives as soon as we can? Well there is something called as time which "slows" down everything around us which makes us feel that we are living out an eternity but in reality we are living out only a tiny little amount of time which passes within a blink of an eye but for us it seems to be many many long years.

    Remember, death is inevitable. Hence the purpose of LIFE _IS_ DEATH. What we do from the time start living to the time we die is just wait for the inevitable.

    Quoting from the matrix -
    " You hear that Mr. Anderson?... That is the sound of inevitability... It is the sound of your death... Goodbye, Mr. Anderson... "

    Dunno why I quoted that but it sounds SOO cool :P
    amrit said...
    Yes death IS inevitable. What you said is correct. I never deny that. And for now I am also ready to accept your philosophy of the 'time funda'. But then, why don't we simply kill ourselves by commiting suicide? Some people do that afterall, though for different reasons!

    Shouldn't that be the best thing to do if 'to end' is a purpose? We are waiting for the inevitable, alright, but why? What is the need to wait for it, if that's the only purpose? Why not embrace it right now?

    I know like me, like everyone of us, you are trying to figure out the ultimate purpose of life, and since it's so unclear, you have concluded 'death' to be a purpose. Death is the end of the 'time' that you have in hand to find that purpose, and work for it. Death in itself isn't the purpose.

    But then, as you said, or rather Smith said, death is of course inevitable. That doesn't help it qualify as a purpose however. The quote is definitely cool. I remember scribbling these matrix quotes on class-room desks, sitting on the last bench, with one of my best friends in the third sem. :)
    Anonymous said...
    On a quite unrelated topic...

    I thought you were an IIT student.,.. well never knew you were working. Can't you bunk a day?

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