All of us are cheaters, yes each one of us. Cheating is a basic human nature. How much we cheat , how do we cheat and then of course whom do we cheat, depends on a lot of factors. But then, at the end of the day we do cheat.

And then comes the 'conscience'. It makes us think over our ways. It helps us decide what is right and what is not. And it helps us stop cheating.

Stop cheating! Listen to your conscience.


  1. Anonymous said...
    nice find.
    amrit said...

    Wont say I found it as such! But yeah, whoever did, 'nice find'

    @On Trial

    I was not trying to cover up anything. And yeah, this theory might not 'always' apply! I accept. You are correct.

    And being hypocritical is a means to survive. So don't be too harsh on that. It's a different story, why someone needs to survive afterall? Ever thought of that?

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