Warning: The video below might appear just too boring and just too crap to all those who are already too sure what life is! :)

I am not too sure how well I can speak on topics like these, but then what I speak here are feelings that come from deep within!


  1. Mohan K.V said...
    Deep, dude, Real deep..

    Hm, but there is one disadvantage of
    podcasting: In a text blog, you can read at your pace, fast or slow.. you
    can't do that in a pod cast, and sometimes it gets sorta painful.
    amrit said...

    Got your point! Agreed! Could have thought of that earlier!

    May be more than putting fundays on life which I keep rediscovering almost daily, I wanted people to watch me speak! :) Painful of course! ;)
    Neelabh said...
    koi bada ho gaya hai!! Like it.
    amrit said...

    :) Thanks!
    Anonymous said...
    You inspire me, you've learned me alot neccesary.
    I admire you.
    You're so artistic, pure, and ULTIMATE!
    you know what I mean?
    Geetali said...
    the way u presented yourself ... the way u deeply inhaled while taking a break from speaking - making it seem like u were thinking something, refreshing ur thoughts - ... it all seemed like a pravachan.

    man, u had a lot of free time on hand before going for this Internship.
    amrit said...

    :) 'Pravachan' LOL!!
    ASHOK said...
    man your blog is too cool.... i liked it very much.... by the way you are the only guy who is using time in iit so reasonable..... to life upto your wish.... keep it up all the best... ASH
    amrit said...

    Thanks dude!

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