Tring Tring

She realized that her cell-phone was ringing. Before she could press the receive-button, the call got disconnected. She checked if the number was saved on her cell. Yeah, it was. It was a missed call from none other than 'B' himself! He called finally! He is back!!

As she waited for his call so that she could pick up this time, her mind drifted back in time. B had been everything to her and this was so not a very long time back. She adored him as a person, loved him as a friend, respected him for his principles and deep within her she also had a liking for him. She was not sure if it was love or anything, but then she couldn't deny the possibiliy too. She didn't know what love was after all!

Things were going on fine. They met regularly and they often watched movies. They used to have fun in the beach followed by coffee in restaurants. And then suddenly, one day B had to go out of town. He never gave a reason. She tried to know where he was going to and what for, but he just didn't tell. And he left.

It had been almost an year now. She had no clue where he was, how he was. He never replied to any e-mails, his cell was always unreachable and the permanent phone no: or address was unavailable. She had almost given up on him. Yes, she had almost forgotten him, when suddenly today she saw his missed call.

The cell was ringing again. It was him. She pressed the 'receive-button'. And as soon as she pressed it, there was a blast. A pretty powerful blast which should have shaken structures even five miles away! She was blown to pieces. The entire office space was reduced to steel and concrete skeleton and the building had collpased and was kissing the earth.

Yes, he was back for sure!


  1. Bohemian said...
    this one hurt...

    wondering how her celfone blasted out of da blue , though?!
    amrit said...

    I never said that the phone blasted, did I? :)

    Notice the play of words: "There was a blast"

    Go interpret and die figuring out why had a blast to happen only when she picked the phone!
    Anonymous said...
    why don't u save us from dying, buddy ??
    amrit said...

    :) I have lately been experimenting wtih open ended fictions. It beings from nowhere and it ends in the most abrupt fashion.

    Run your imagination if you want to, but then you should realize that at the end of it, it will remain just that, a 'fiction'!

    Yes, I can present some funda for sure and make the story complete kinda, but then I just love leaving my readers with so many questions that they start feeling uneasy!

    The evil me! >)

    And thank you for visiting my blog! Have a long life ;)
    Sneha said...
    Don't you think, it was really an abrupt ending!!
    amrit said...

    You bet it was! :P
    Mohan K.V said...
    aargh! You really seem hooked to this short, Shock-and-Awe kind of stories!
    amrit said...

    Seems so. :)
    I think my readers are getting shit pained by being led to crap arbitrary endings like these which are completely unrelated to anything! Is it? Hey hey! That means, it's working!


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