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Patna, my Patna

Stumbled upon this video on you-tube. It's an ordinary shot of an ordinary road in Patna and I was unable to notice any thing worth noticing.

What caught my attention were the kinda comments it received from people who have probably never been to any developing country. You would love them.

My favourites are:

1. omfg
2. sweet jesus, that's insane!
3. bet no one has a driving licence and their highway code is writen on a postage stamp!
4. Wow! Life sure was different in the 1800s!

The last was probably the best. :)


Was listening to this song from Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya.

Ae chaand teri chandni ki kasam
Mere paas bhi ek chaand hai
Tujhme to phir bhi daag hai -2
Mera chaand to bedaag hai
Teri dooriyon ki kasam,
mera chaand mere paas hai

Just imagine Anupam Kher singing this song! You should listen to the song to get the real effect! :P

Let's talk about mothers

M's' for the many things she gave me. `O' is for the other things she gave me. `T' is for the things she gave me. `H' is for her things, which she gave me. `E' is for everything she gave me. `R' is for the rest of the things she gave me. Let's talk about mothers.

Liked this one from Bob Dylan.

I happened to catch this lovely quote yesterday night, while browsing through ET, lying on bed, preparing to crash. And as soon as I read this I was forced to recall my messenger chat that had ended barely ten minutes ago with a newly made friend of mine. In her words, she just had li'l fight with her mom, and so wasn't in the best of her moods. And then I had commented to her: a great thing about moms (and I guess it's universal) is that even when you have a fight, you still love her so much and so does she. And she had instantly agreed.

I just don't remember the last time I ever had a fight with my mom! :) But then I guess this must be true with most of the boys. We love our moms too much to ever fight with her. And girls, well I thnink that they love moms way more than us boys. Why do I think so ? I can definitely explain. They love them so much that moms just can't handle it, and so the girls have to balance the whole relationship by getting into small lively fights! Too much of love kills, you know... :)

Hou Het Leuk

One of my good friends started smoking this sem. I never liked it, but then I am someone who respects the decisions of an individual, even if they are wrong in my opinion. So I never complained too much. Of course at times, I did ask him to quit but sadly he didn't. I seriously wish something like this (talking about the video) happens to him so that he never ever smokes again in his life. :)

There's one more great friend who started smoking after we separated in tenth (of course not because we separated). I guess he thought that taking up smoking was a way to prove to oneself that one has 'grown up'. I mean, this is just what I think. I never really asked him the reason, because in these cases, you never get the true answers afterall. He is still a best friend and I still love him so much and miss him and all that but feel so bad to think that he is a chain smoker! I wish he quit it too, sooner than later.

And if by any chance, anyone of these two sweet friends of mine has just read this blog, then dude, beware of girls smiling at you when you are smoking the next time!

Hot Het Leuk!!


Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need.

Like this definition by Will.

'I would love to do this all my life. What better job than this?' I had said this to myself not long back (a week ago may be).

I realized that something was growing inside me slowly yet steadily. I was becoming more and more aware of the different print ads that I was getting across over time. This might be because of the design related work that I am doing for Shaastra06, the IIT Madras technical festival.

Whatever be the reason, this new dimension to my being was taking shape for sure. Each time I would browse through ET, my eyes would spot all kinds of ads, and then the brain would start analysing them without any effort. This looks good, this is bad, brilliant, good enough, erggg, lovely, sexy, give-up....All kinda reactions would come instantaneously.

I was getting drawn to this whole deal about creating new designs, new ideas which could hold the reader's attention and could promote a product. And it was then that I had said to myself what I quoted in the first line of this post.

I decided to find out about ad-agencies who do such kinda stuff. Internet was the only resource. But sursprisingly I couldn't find many sites which could tell me much about the ad-agencies that existed. The best thing that I came across was this blog which was simply awesome. After spending some time on this page and going through almost each and every post and watching each and every video that was put there, I was really really 'into' this whole idea of getting entry into some ad-studio as a creative-idea-supplier (or whatever they call this job). I did mail the author of this blog asking him to give fundays on how to get into this field etc. but he never replied.

But then as they say, when you really want something, and really really want it, things start falling in place automatically, solutions appear out of nowhere, obstacles get side washed and finally you do get what you had wished for. This was proved true in a day.

I couldn't believe my eyes next morning when I saw a small ad in the ET which read something like this "Tomorrow's Brand Equity will have the awaited Ad agency rekoner". Basically it was supposed to contain all kinds of ratings of ad-agencies, creative directors etc. Wow! What a timing. Now this is called "falling of things in place". It was like someone somewhere had read my mind and then said this to himself, 'Lemme help this chap! I will ask the guys at ET to publish something Ad agencies'. Yeah it appeared nothing less than that.

The next day (that is yesterday), I did get a lot of info finally, thanks to ET and came across so many names in this field of advertisement. Definitely looks like an interesting arena for me to step into. I know I want to do this. Before I decide how to go ahead with it, lemme keep doing what I have been. Yeah talking about observing the ads that I come across. It's a pity that I don't get to watch TV at all here in IIT and have to miss upon the video ads. But then the good thing is that I know how I am going to spend my time in home, when there's going to be TV and just TV to drain me out!

Video-ads, watch out! The critic's coming home soon :)


And when the sun had set, she came out of hiding. Two hours! It was impossible to do what she was planning to, in such a short span of time. But then this was all the time that she had, and she knew she had to do it. This was the only thing she could do to free herself. Only time could tell, how this freedom was going to be like!

As she slowly and cautiously crouched along the railing of the terrace, she rechecked her possesions. The weapon was in place, and so was the letter. The typical sound audible to her on her earphone indicated that the miniature video camera attached to her head gear was still operational. He will feel proud of me when he sees the video!

She reached the main door on the terrace which lead downstairs to the seventh floor of the building. Action time now!

And then suddenly, out of nowhere a spot light fell on her. She was caught by utter suprise and reflex made her jump away but it was too late. Whop! Whop! Two bullets from a pistol, landed straight at her heart. And there she was, dead on the concrete.




Now he is one guy who just keeps changing so much with each new movie of his. And he carries all his looks so well almost all the times. I really appreciate this ability of his.

The Truman Show

If you have not yet watched this movie, go watch it. You will fall in love with the brilliant concept of the movie.

And for those who already enjoyed watching this movie, it's news time: An Indian Prof at MIT, is trying something very similar with his own son!news link

A real life Truman show, oh can't believe it...

Now this is Philmy

I have seen things like these happening in just so many movies where you know, some guy is confused for some one else and then funny things happen.

But then, when something like this happens in reality, and that too on live TV, its thousand times funnier. I got to know about one such incident today, thanks to Kiruba.

Very recently, BBC News mistook a Black man from Morocco (who had come for a job interview) as a IT news Expert and editor of a technical site who had been called to the studio to comment on the verdict declared over the Apple Vs Apple case. You will die with laughter once you have seen the reaction of this man, when he is introduced live on TV as editor of Newswireless". And if you are still alive, what he said next when asked to comment on the verdict will definitely do the job.

Follow this link and do watch the video! You just shouldn't miss it.

Fanaa 4 U [Remix]

Love the song "Chand Sifarish"! Awesome...

Google Calendar

I love the guys at Google. They keep coming out with one new thing or another and most of the stuffs that they come up with are pretty good. In fact some of them are just amazing, like say Google Earth!

As I logged in to my gmail account today, I noticed this thing called "Google Calendar". Hope it proves useful like most of Google's services (especially gmail).


"If you really have the courage, go to your parents and tell them that you don't want to do Civil Engineering in IIT, and then leave this place and do what you are interested in doing..."

Wish I had!

This guy had repeated the same thing what one of my great friend keeps on telling. All of them are correct. I don't have the courage to do so. More so, because I do not know for sure, how I want to spend the rest of my life. The only thing, I have realized is that I am not passionate about my courses.

"... but if you don't, then at least do what you can, at least the minimum, to get out of this system gracefully and in the shortest time possible. Otherwise you wont be in a position to do anything."

Makes so much of sense, doesn't it? This guy was telling the truth of life; the truth that I was running away from. And then he suddenly made me stop and think over it again.

"You might have reasons for flunking this course, and they might be valid reasons. But think of this: who is the one who got to pay for it finally? It's not the faculty who could not make you interested in the course, it's not the system who never cared about you, it's just you. "

So true! It's fuckin me who is repeating a course, coz some sucking Profs did nothing to make me interested! Just so true. And what the hell! How did I let them do this to me. He had opened my eyes. He had made me realize it was time I take charge of myself.

Walk out of the system gracefully!

I wont ever forget that! Thank you sir!

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