Now this is Philmy

I have seen things like these happening in just so many movies where you know, some guy is confused for some one else and then funny things happen.

But then, when something like this happens in reality, and that too on live TV, its thousand times funnier. I got to know about one such incident today, thanks to Kiruba.

Very recently, BBC News mistook a Black man from Morocco (who had come for a job interview) as a IT news Expert and editor of a technical site who had been called to the studio to comment on the verdict declared over the Apple Vs Apple case. You will die with laughter once you have seen the reaction of this man, when he is introduced live on TV as editor of Newswireless". And if you are still alive, what he said next when asked to comment on the verdict will definitely do the job.

Follow this link and do watch the video! You just shouldn't miss it.


  1. Mohan K.V said...
    I had seen this a few days ago on Digg, but didn't bother to follow it up.. man, the intro is just awesome!
    dhruv said...
    lol...i saw this...The reaction on the face of the guy when he was introduced was just amazing! :P

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