Hou Het Leuk

One of my good friends started smoking this sem. I never liked it, but then I am someone who respects the decisions of an individual, even if they are wrong in my opinion. So I never complained too much. Of course at times, I did ask him to quit but sadly he didn't. I seriously wish something like this (talking about the video) happens to him so that he never ever smokes again in his life. :)

There's one more great friend who started smoking after we separated in tenth (of course not because we separated). I guess he thought that taking up smoking was a way to prove to oneself that one has 'grown up'. I mean, this is just what I think. I never really asked him the reason, because in these cases, you never get the true answers afterall. He is still a best friend and I still love him so much and miss him and all that but feel so bad to think that he is a chain smoker! I wish he quit it too, sooner than later.

And if by any chance, anyone of these two sweet friends of mine has just read this blog, then dude, beware of girls smiling at you when you are smoking the next time!

Hot Het Leuk!!


  1. dhruv said...
    hehe. Nice video. BTW Amrit, i too hate smoking and smokers in general. If you dont believe me ask Rajasee :P She'll tell ya exactly I hate smokers ;).
    amrit said...

    I believe you! And there's something that I have to say here. Yes, I hate smoking, but I don't hate smokers if they don't smoke in public.

    All of us have a right to spend our lives the way we want to, and that should be respected, of course only till it starts affecting others in a negative way.
    Mohan K.V said...
    lol :)
    Bohemian said...
    >>>amrit: hey, wen i n dhruv wer discussing this casually, i told him da same wat u jus said!

    gr8 minds think alike, isn't it?
    amrit said...

    seems so :)
    dhruv said...
    amrit, right. everyone has the right to spend their lives as they choose to _but_ if their ways harm others or affect anybody in a bad way then they just lose that right ;)

    And no bohemian, i told you that i had hatred towards smokers _because_ their smoking hurts others... not if they dont smoke alone without the sign of life with a 10 mile radius!
    amrit said...

    I absolutely agree and something similar is what I had already commented, right?

    This is ma message for smokers: If you wanna smoke, great, go ahead, do so. But dude, please do that inside your room (or bathroom or wherever), but not near me, and not near anyone else for that matter.

    Smoking kills.
    Passive smoking kills too!
    dhruv said...
    Dude, amrit, most people dont know about passive smoking. Good to see that you're aware of it :)
    amrit said...

    I guess I first read bout it in my tenth class Bio book!!

    And forward this video to all those who don't know nothing about passive smoking! There ignorance will surely come to an end once they have seen it! :)
    dhruv said...
    hehe...i'm book marking this one :)
    Neelabh said...
    One simply doesn't start smoking to prove something or to show independence. Few people might love the way the smoke comes out from their mouth. You cant explain each of your liking and disliking with a reason. Some one can stop smoking after 25. Few will. Not a promise. WORD!!
    amrit said...

    Yeah agreed to all that you said. Everything can't always be expalined. So true!

    And thanks for your 'WORD'! Love you dude!

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