Let's talk about mothers

M's' for the many things she gave me. `O' is for the other things she gave me. `T' is for the things she gave me. `H' is for her things, which she gave me. `E' is for everything she gave me. `R' is for the rest of the things she gave me. Let's talk about mothers.

Liked this one from Bob Dylan.

I happened to catch this lovely quote yesterday night, while browsing through ET, lying on bed, preparing to crash. And as soon as I read this I was forced to recall my messenger chat that had ended barely ten minutes ago with a newly made friend of mine. In her words, she just had li'l fight with her mom, and so wasn't in the best of her moods. And then I had commented to her: a great thing about moms (and I guess it's universal) is that even when you have a fight, you still love her so much and so does she. And she had instantly agreed.

I just don't remember the last time I ever had a fight with my mom! :) But then I guess this must be true with most of the boys. We love our moms too much to ever fight with her. And girls, well I thnink that they love moms way more than us boys. Why do I think so ? I can definitely explain. They love them so much that moms just can't handle it, and so the girls have to balance the whole relationship by getting into small lively fights! Too much of love kills, you know... :)


  1. Bohemian said...
    hey mom's soooo sweet, amrit!
    she woke up in da morn and spoke to me as if nuthing had happened last nite!
    i felt soo awful dat i misbehaved...cudn't control myself...had to hug her tight...i luv her too much to break her heart but unintentionally keep doin it sometimes...

    long live mommies!

    P.S. did u decide on any topic for da doc.?
    amrit said...
    Yeah Moms are just so sweet!

    No, haven't stumbled upon any great topic yet. I think I will go with some funny light topic instead of a serious one. May be something on what today's youth have to say on "the purpose of life".. what say? :)
    dhruv said...
    amrit you can end that topic in about two words!

    "The purpose of life is to end"


    and no i dont agree with you. Boys are more attached with their mothers. Ever heard of the term Mamma's Girl? I didnt think so either ;)

    I distinctly remember several articles over the years in TOI regarding - "Mamma's Boys" and how can they be a pain in your marraige :P
    amrit said...

    Umm... well.. ahemmm. yeah may be true! I shouldn't have tried to compare the two relationships. It's not so easy...

    But then one thing appears quite ob(vious), you are definitely a mama's boy! :)
    dhruv said...
    Hehe...definitely I am. I love my mum SoooOOOOOO much :)

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