"If you really have the courage, go to your parents and tell them that you don't want to do Civil Engineering in IIT, and then leave this place and do what you are interested in doing..."

Wish I had!

This guy had repeated the same thing what one of my great friend keeps on telling. All of them are correct. I don't have the courage to do so. More so, because I do not know for sure, how I want to spend the rest of my life. The only thing, I have realized is that I am not passionate about my courses.

"... but if you don't, then at least do what you can, at least the minimum, to get out of this system gracefully and in the shortest time possible. Otherwise you wont be in a position to do anything."

Makes so much of sense, doesn't it? This guy was telling the truth of life; the truth that I was running away from. And then he suddenly made me stop and think over it again.

"You might have reasons for flunking this course, and they might be valid reasons. But think of this: who is the one who got to pay for it finally? It's not the faculty who could not make you interested in the course, it's not the system who never cared about you, it's just you. "

So true! It's fuckin me who is repeating a course, coz some sucking Profs did nothing to make me interested! Just so true. And what the hell! How did I let them do this to me. He had opened my eyes. He had made me realize it was time I take charge of myself.

Walk out of the system gracefully!

I wont ever forget that! Thank you sir!


  1. Bohemian said...
    that person indeed makes sense amrit!
    ..but in all the chaos, dun forget to follow your dreams...
    amrit said...
    Thanks Raji!
    dhruv said...
    amrit, even though i agree with that guy, i would say that you should've had the courage to tell your parents. if not for yourself you should've done it for someone else's sake. there are people who want to get in, who may be more passionate than you are, and people who would want to stay and do something in that field. in a way i would say that people waste seats if they are in a course they dont like or wont make use of in the future...

    i am a FSF guy who believes that everyone should contribute back to the community because thats the fastest way to progress. if people dont contribute back then they are not doing any good. and monetary contribution, though welcomed, aren't half as useful as good teaching talent or good researchers.

    my tone may sound a bit harsh but that is prolly because i read a piece in a newspaper or somewhere which said that _most_ IITians don't stay back to contribute to their fields. Rather they just go ahead into some managerial post and waste all that fine technical knowledge they had gained. Very few choose to stay back for research or to teach.

    sorry...if i went a bit overboard. its just something i feel strongly about :)

    p.s.: just as a consolation, i too am repeating a course. but i am very passionate about my course :/
    amrit said...
    Hey Dhruv, great observation!

    Would like to reply to few things.

    There are a lot of things, which we 'should have' but we don't. And then, we also have so many things which we never really needed to have. You get the point?

    And regarding people (who may be more passionate than I am) wanting to get in, I have only one thing to say: If one is really passionate, he WILL get in. I am no smart ass or a born genious. I got in coz I was passionate enough for getting in.

    The sad reality is that you realize that you were not made for something, only when you actually get IN! I might be wasting a seat (agreed) but then it's not always easy to say good bye to it all till you really find something else...

    I definitely agree with the stuff about IITians not choosing to stay in their fields and all. I don't think I am the correct person to opine on this. I don't know if it's good or bad.

    PS: Thanks for the consolation!
    dhruv said...
    hey amrit, thanks for taking it so sportingly. looking back on that comment, i felt i should've dumbed down my tone a bit.

    anyway, yes i understand your sentiments completely. but some people aren't really cut out for this rat race that our education system has become. deserving candidates fall out of it purely because they cannot compete :/

    One of my friends wanted to get into IIT. He is IIT material. He also got into IIT but then he didn't get the subject of his choice so he simply dropped out and joined an NIT because he got what he wanted there and I will definitely say that he made a good choice.

    The mere fact that you are in IIT indicates that you're a cut above others. I hope that you'll not let your knowledge, whatever little that you gained, go to waste!
    amrit said...
    It's not about being a "Technical Guru" when you are in IIT though it's definitely an option.

    It's more about learning "the art of learning" itself! And that includes the art of fighting the odds and the art of surviving and the art of leading from the forefront. I feel great to be in this place coz this place has taught me so many things.

    And yeah I hope too that "whatever little" that I have gained shall some day be used efficiently.
    dhruv said...
    hey amrit i didn't mean to offend you or anything...that "whatever little" line in my post looks stupid... I meant, whatever knowledge you earn, dont let it go to waste. Use it wisely and for the benefit of the community :)
    amrit said...

    No, I didn't get offended bro! Not at all!

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