Something wrong?

Why is that Aishwarya Rai looking so different here? Something's wrong here? Isn't she looking a li'l too young? Is she?

Okay, cut the crap, she is not Aish! Holy Christ! I was wondering, how come she paired up with someone like Sohail Khan, and how come I never knew that a movie named Aryan was coming. Only when I checked with some sites, I realized that the actress in this movie is Sneha, the girl who paired with Salman earlier in her first movie. What a look alike!

But mind you she doesn't look so much like Aish in all the shots. I guess that the guys who worked on the above poster deliberately tried to confuse the on-lookers like me. Thanks to internet, there's no confusion any more.

But then Sneha is cool too! ;)


  1. Shankar Iyer said...
    Such posters are really misleading and a sure way of drawing in the ignorant audience in the name of a big star.
    Anonymous said...

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