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When I had decided to start two blog sites, I was sure what kind of post would go where. The site amritvatsa.blogspot was supposed to carry my regular posts, while amrithome.blogspot was supposed to carry the personal ones where I talked only about myself and stuffs I thought were personal and too boring to be posted as a regular blog post.

But sometimes it's difficult to decide how much personal is personal. Like my recent tour. Initially I was posting it at amrithome, but now I think, it could have gone well as a regular blog because afterall it's about the places that I am visiting and will be visiting rather than anything else. So from now on, I will use this site to post about any tour or trip that I make. The two posts that I made are here and here.

As the title suggests I am in Delhi today. Not that we (read family) had plans to go for sight seeing in Delhi, but we had to stay here because of unavailablity of tickets to Leh on 24th. Any of you who plan to go to Leh by flight make sure that you book your tickets sufficiently early. Airlines run full during the peak seasons of June-August.

Lakshman Jhoola in Rishikesh was a normal suspension bridge, but with Ganga flowing below it, the whole scene was a delight to watch. Water here was way cooler (close to five degrees) than that in Haridwar but we did take bath. It started raining at the same time, and for the first time, rain water appeared warm. Talk about relativity!

There was an eight storyed ordinary temple close to the Lakshman jhoola, and we did climb all the stairs to reach the topmost floor and have a view of the scenic beauty around.

Have to rush now, will come back later. BBye!

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  1. dhruv said...
    awesome dude! Unexpected trips ;)

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