Few Powerful Men

No, I am not talking about the Politicians. I am talking about Superman and Krrish here. And this is not a movie review. This is for those who have already seen the two recently released movies showcasing these two guys, and who have some more time to waste. Yeah if you are one of them, go ahead and read this post!

Superman is a cool character, completely original, and even though the recently released movie was boring with a very mediocre story line, the character is still as charming as ever. The one and only Superman!

Turn your heads to Krrish now (without having a head-ache if you can)! Not a single thing about the movie, or the character is original. The movie was not as boring as Superman to watch, but it was annoying to see scenes copied from so many different hollywood blockbusters.

Talk about the character first.

  • Hairs: borrowed from Tarzan/Anniyan
  • Mask: borrowed from Anniyan, painted black and slightly modified
  • Costume: borrowed from The Matix Reloaded Trinity (yes you read it right, Trinity)
  • Anti Gravity Skills: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Anything else that makes him a superhero? At least Shaktimaan's costume was(is) one hundred percent original to boast of. What has Krrish got?
And like the character, the rest of the movie has so many borrowed things as well. The made-in-2-years-and-then-destroyed computer resembling a mixture of stuff they had in The Minority Report and Paycheck is jut one example.

And why is that bollywood refuses to grow beyond "20 years" yaar? I am fed up with this number. Every son has to take "badlaa" only after "20 saal". Why not 21, 22, or something less like 18?

If India can boast of an Indian Superhero, there's just one man: Amitabh Bachchan! Krrish, go get some new original costumes first!


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