Imagine doing this when the Prof is trying to explain some equation in the classroom!


  1. dhruv said...
    ROTFLMAO!! That was a damn good one! :D
    Bohemian said...
    Anonymous said...
    Amrit: that was funny...(a nice way to take a break - for all of the class)

    two questions: where is the prof. in the video? And why does the superdude needs this lecture?
    amrit said...

    Yep that was! :)




    "Imagine" - I said that, didn't I? :)

    Anyways, though I am not sure if he's a Prof, but I can see a guy writing something on the blackboard in the first 2 seconds of the clip.

    And for the second question, may be the Superdude was trying to promote his new movie, and not all that interested in the lecture itself!
    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous said...

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