The world's fastest Indian

This movie is a must-see for all. It's so real and so sweetly authentic and shining with the charm of the old sixites. Only when I went through IMDB, I realzied that it was released in 2005! A classic!

The movie is about an old man, who has a dream, and who finally meets it by his sheer determination. And it's based on real life. Superb! It inspires you to be a person like Burt Munro.

As usual I wept a lot. The tears of happiness, they say it; they make my life! :) Go watch this movie and you wont ever look at your Grandpa the same way!

Here's a trailor, but I think it's not effective enough. Do watch it anyways.


  1. Raghav said...
    will surely lay my hands on this soon ! thanks for sharing the reveiew and trailor.
    Anonymous said...

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