Kalam and Yamaha

Naah. This is not one of those PJs which could have been: how are Abdul Kalam and Yamaha connected? In case anyone of you does think that there can be a funny and witty answer to this one, let me know.

Let me begin with Kalam. Read this: Inflation will be controlled, Kalam promises Parliament. Do you find it as funny as I do? Isn't it as odd as saying something like this: An IIT will be opened in Patna, Amrit Vatsa promises Bihar. Or hey, how about this: Osama Bin Laden will be captured, Amitabh Bachchan promises IIT Madras.

Seriously, tell me one thing that Kalam can do to alter inflation rate? But on second thoughts, it was obvious that Kalam couldn't have said this on his own. He cannot. He is the President. The statutory head. A follow up of the article deconstructed the illusion. Kalam was addressing the opening session of Parliament. And he did what a President does. He just read the crap handed to him by the ruling party. Poor chap! :)

This one was a funny sounding headline. The one that I will talk about now belongs to the "stupidly obvious" category. Read this: Yamaha may shut shop if numbers don't improve. Why can't they just say that Yamaha's numbers showing no signs of improvement? Amrit's CGPA might fall down if he doesn't mug. The world knows this. The aliens know this. Everyone knows this. You will die if you don't eat. You know that. The world knows that. The aliens know that. Why do you ever need to write such obvious things as headlines? So that, guys like me can manage to pull off a post on an otherwise fine Saturday morning. :D


  1. Sneha said...
    Funny post dude!!!
    Anonymous said...
    I should tell you or better you should realize that the person you are talking about is not dependent on others as such you are thinking. He is far knowledgable than you n me. Obviously its not that the post of president is given to just any one. Its not election, its selection n he has been selected. n even elected ppl r not that bad. What do u know about Dr. Manmohan singh? Do u have any damn idea about his level of literacy or his achievements?
    Dear, you r an infant infront of them or not even that. Bow ur head to their experience atleast.
    You think this world is made for you n probably you r goin to lead it, but alas that's the case with all ordinory minds. Grow up n come out of illusions. Laugh on others but leave the exceptions! otherwise you'll laugh only.. through out life.. wont do anythng better :P
    amrit said...



    Wow, you can read my mind. :) Ah, sorry, I meant my ordinary mind.

    Good job! :P
    Neelabh said...
    Pandu, India is a democratic republic. We have the right to express our thoughts till the extent its not encroaching on anyone else's freedom and it doesnt look like if Amrit has encroached on Mr Kalam or Yamaha's freedom. We have elected them and we can question there actions. Cant we?

    How could you make out that its an illusion. I think the post is a sarcasm on Indian Press.

    So nothing wrong in it and nothing wrong in your comment too.

    Enjoy your freedom!!
    Raveena said...
    Lol...Awesum post, really funny!

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