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Here I am, sitting on aunt's laptop at uncle's place. Half an hour ago uncle and myself were out on street, getting drenched in the massive downpour that has subsided moments ago. We had gone out to get samosas and got caught in the rains that errupted all of a sudden. It's good that I won the AMD t-shirt earlier today so that I didn't have to change to my uncle's tee after getting back. But of course he had to lend me his pyjama. :P

The rain was lovely. I feel so fresh and so does uncle. He will soon be making mooli-ka-parantha for the three of us. He cooks good. Good for me. Good for Aunt. :) This Sunday rocks.

While coming back from Forum, I had run into two insti guys. One was a branch senior who had passed out last year; has been working in Bangalore since then; and now going to IIM A. The other guy was a junior who is the current Academic Affaris Secretory of the insti. It feels great to run into known faces. Though for a matter of fact I had been wishing all the time while in Forum to run into yet another known face. That never happened. :( But then this was real life. Not a movie, right?

A routine life shall begin once more from tomorrow. And in all liklihood, some real work should begin. I wish life weren't real. I wish life were a dream.


  1. Czar said...
    Can we be honored to know who that someone is whose face you would have accidently wanted to see at Forum?
    amrit said...

    :) "TNR" for you!

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