My class. Parting time is up. Only few of us will be staying back for two more sems to complete our masters in Infrastructural Civil Engineering. It's a strange feeling. It's strange to realize that four years have passed!


  1. Sachi Nekkanti said...
    I've heard about casting concrete cubes, but this is something new. As a third year, I'm compelled to say that I ( along with my class ) share similar feelings, Mr.V . By the way,anyone ready to throw a farewell treat for us juniors ?
    Aniket said...
    but where r u in the cube?
    amrit said...

    Farewell treat! Contact TND! :)


    My name is 'Amrit'. See me now? :)
    Neelabh said...
    How could I create this for my team?

    BTW it looks great
    amrit said...

    Thanks. You could create it for your team using Adobe photoshop. Want more fundays on it? If you really wanna know, I can always put up a post describing a step by step way to achieve the effect.
    Neelabh said...
    I would love to learn how to create that cube..

    BTW Do you think Photoshop will run on my home comp???

    Anyways I will find a way to create it if you tell me..
    amrit said...

    Yeah, it should run. Though it will run a li'l slow.

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