Ma, dying to meet you. Will be home on 8th. Hug me the way you hugging me here. Been ages since I slept on your lap. Missing you. Love you!


  1. Chicky said...
    Thank u! :)

    How r u btw?

    Haven't checked on my blog again in the last few days, recuperating from kidney infection currently... also tied up with a new assignment I got!

    But will be posting some new stuff soon for sure!

    Just went thru urs... u really DO update it regularly eh! Btw, I didn't know u were a Karenite! :D
    Anonymous said...
    Such a beautiful picture! Cute little you in your mother's protective arms shielding you from the whole world :).. its lovely.
    dhruv said...
    awww.....missing mom, eh? :) Mamma's boy!!! :D
    amrit said...
    @Miss T

    I am doing great. Looking forward to your new posts.


    Thanks. I wish the protective arms were there around me all the time.



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