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I read few blogs daily. And the credit of course goes to google reader. So seriously, if you haven't tried it yet, please do so. You will never ever miss any blog posted by your friends. I wrote a post some time back, on how to use it. You might find it useful.

By the way if you go back to another earlier post, click on the snapshot picture put up there to have a look at the enlarged version of the image. If you observe carefully, you will notice a 'Feeds' link below the 'starred' link on the top left side. Saw that? Do you recall that regular gmail doesn't have any such link? What is this 'Feeds link'

Well, besides a change in appearance, using the gmail skin that I introduced in that post (read the rest of that post to get the skin funda), you get this option to have a 'feeds' link in gmail. And the beauty is, each time a new post is put up on a blog that you have subscribed to using google reader, a number in brackets pops up right to the word 'Feeds'; exactly the same way numbers come for inbox, spam, draft, various labels etc. And more so, when you click on the link, the whole google reader interface opens inside the gmail interface. This is something too cool! So now, I read all the blog posts in gmail itself. And reading blogposts from blogs that you have subscribed to voluntarily is way better than going through the boring forwards that keep coming to your inbox (or in the 'forwards' label folder in my case).

So guys and girls, if you really love reading my posts and posts from some other friends of yours, and you already are an avid gmail fan, this feature is something that you should setup soon. All you gotta do is run your fingers on keyboard for sometime, and the way you read blogs will change. Forever. And for the good of it. :) Best of luck with the whole finger running job.


  1. Anonymous said...
    google reader.. sounds interesting,must ck it out
    amrit said...
    @Natty boy

    Yeah go ahead man. You are going to like it.

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