Tell me when

Wow. It's 6:20 PM already and no in the office appears to be in any mood to leave. Someone please tell me when does this office close.

I've been going through infinite pdf pages to kill time since morning, just because the project in which I am supposed to jump in hasn't yet been finalized.

Bangalore, welcome me. Two months to go. Hope the work gets interesting. By the way the office is cool. And so are the people who work here.

Update: ended up staying till 8:15 PM!! Gosh. And when I came out of my cabin, I saw that only two people were still there. One was a female working on her desktop. The other one was the security guard!


  1. Neelabh said...
    Dude, how does it feel to work in PWC?? Waiting for more office related stuffs..

    All the best...
    amrit said...
    Will come with that. Settling down. :)

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