From the train

Typed early morning on 9th May 2007

Almost twenty hours have passed. The journey continues. The long boring, frustrating, train journey continues. Sun has shown its face few hours ago and I haven't yet brushed my teeth. Hell, I don't even have a toothpase.

The most important concern for today is money management. I have only seventy three ruppees with me. And I wont be reaching home before nine in the night. I shouldn't say its too less to survive, but yes I can't really afford to have anything more than what should be termed as basic need.

By the way, the reason I woke up my Dellruba in train was not to put this blog. It so happened that as I looked outside the window from my bog facing side lower berth, I saw bridge construction. This semester, I completed a course called Bridge Engineering (I hope I get a P grade and hence am using the word 'completed'). Looking outside I realized that I didn't remember the name of the type of bridge that I was seeing. And then it suddenly struck to me that I didn't have to wait to find that out. I had been scanning my classroom notes and hence had everything as pdf files on my laptop. It was brilliant to refer to notes in the train itself. For the more curious, the type was solid spanndrel.

It really is nice to have access to all the resources through one small machine which you can carry with you always. This is the era of e-books, e-notes and e-friends. More on e-friends later. I will have the morning tea (I can see a vendor coming by) and then finish reading the two magazines that I had picked in Chennai. They cost me twenty five bucks and if I don't finish them off, I'll feel bad for having mismanaged the limited cash that I had. By the way, the morning is cool and the balls not so demanding. :P


  1. Czar said...
    14" books make sense. 15" are a lil bit of trouble.

    Still, they are really nice to have. :)
    Anonymous said...
    //I had been scanning my classroom notes and hence had everything as pdf files on my laptop.

    Woah! I don't even take notes, let alone scan them :P
    amrit said...

    14.1" :P

    Really really nice to have! Especially if the battery life is a lil longer :P :P


    You are the man! :)
    Mohan K.V said...
    Dellruba :P
    amrit said...

    My dellruba!

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