Abhishek Bachchan speaks

Amrit requested me to put him fundays on how I managed to crack Aish. I thought I would share the gyaan on his blog which is extremely popular amidst the masses, so that many more benefit from it.

Well, the first thing that I had to do was to make her believe that a man has to be tall, dark and handsome. She fell for this trap. I of course was a living testimony to the 'tall' and 'dark' aspects of the story. So the next job was to prove to her that I was 'handsome' as well. I realized that the best way out would be to hide my face as much as possible. So I decided to have as much facial hairs on my face as possible. Somehow the trick worked!

More so Aish feared if I were crazy for her only 'coz of her stunning looks. She was looking for somone to whom beauty meant something more than great face and great boobs. Though frankly speaking, great face and great boobs were the only things I really cared about, I projected myself as though I were an admirer of her intelligence. I would often tell her that only an intelligent woman like her could have decided to stay away from balding, ageing, animal hunters like Salman Khan. And she used to believe me, when the fact is you don't need intelligence to say no to Salman. All you need is animal instinct.

Well, after all the effort that I put, the gain is worth it. She is Aish, damn it. And now she is mine. By the way, Amrit, she has some pretty hot cousins. Want me to introduce them to ya? Lemme know coz I know you are as despo for babes as myself.


  1. Czar said...
    amrit said...
    Coffee :P
    Ashtung said...
    weird n sad
    Anonymous said...
    All fart..!!
    Anonymous said...
    Bastard!! how can you even write stuff like this... wanna get sued?
    amrit said...

    Sad for?


    Yeah surely.


    Dude, you wrote it! And chill, its okay. You are not the only mean guy out there in this world.
    Raveena said...
    Lol...another great post, I've read most of ur posts and they are excellent!
    U sure have a way with words!
    amrit said...

    Thank you darling! Hope the vacations are going great.
    Geetali said...
    Lemme know coz I know you are as despo for babes as myself.
    Raveena said...
    Yes Amrit, they are!
    As a matter of fact, I spend a lot of my time checking the updates on ur blog ^_^
    Mohan K.V said...
    Aish? Great face, hmm, maybe, but great WHAT ? No way! Where should Vida Guerra go then? :)

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