IIT Madras get together in Bangalore

Let's meet. If you are from IIT Madras and you are in Bangalore and you are jobless this coming Sunday (3rd of June, 2007), come, catch up. Even if you are a pass out, you are dearly welcome! Let's fart and bring the IIT Madras charm to this city (of gardens?).

This is the proposed plan but you are welcome to suggest changes.

11AM-2Pm: Beer at Mojoz Mojo's
2AM onwards: Lunch (we shall decide the place once we meet)

So those who want to join the get-together, leave your information on the comments section of this post.

How to reach Mojo's: It is on Residency Road, opposite the Hyundai Showroom, Near Ballal Residency. You can come down brigades, take the left, and then the first right again and BANG, you are at Mojo's!!

Note: For those who don't drink, still join us. We shall have fun.

Update 1: Please let your friends from insti know about this get-together. There are various ways of doing so besides of course blogging about it or putting this up on your status message. All I would like to say it, help promote this holy cause :P in your own way. More guys (girls?), more fun!


  1. amrit said...
    Amrit Vatsa
    5th year, Civil
    Cell: 099842 70094
    Currently staying in Bana Shankari Area
    Interning in PWC (MG Road)
    gtalk: avatsa
    Nimit Jain said...
    Nimit Jain
    4th Yr, CS
    Cell: 9986588442
    Currently staying in Marathalli
    Interning in IBM (Manyata Building, Nagwara)
    Lovneet said...
    nice! sounds fun! but aint 11 am on a sunday too early? :D
    in the evening we can go 2 javacity, a cafe. a band plays some amazin blues there on weekends. its on brigade road. what say?
    Lovneet Singh
    4th yr, Elec
    Cell : 9886575194(not workin at the moment though!)
    Currently stayin at Maratahalli.
    Internin in LSI-Logic(ITBL, Whitefield)
    Czar said...
    Vinay Shankar
    4th year, Mechanical
    Cell: +91 99019 89588
    Staying at home (J P Nagar)
    Interning at TERI (Domlur)
    amrit said...

    I guess 11 AM is fine yaar. Otherwise it will be too late by the time we are ready for lunch.

    And yeah we surely can proceed to javacity (after lunch?). Let's have a blast.
    Vikas Shenoy said...
    Vikas Shenoy (Lays)

    At home, jobless.
    Lovneet said...
    sure! lets have some fun! thoda kuntriyaapa karte hain! :D
    the band plays from 6 onwards so i guess we will have enuf time to ogle at gals after we r done with lunch :D (get ur cam amrit...we might make a documentary this time :P)
    amrit said...
    Hmm.. so we already are a gang of five! Nimit, Jhopdi, Caesar Lays and myself. Great going.

    I guess all you guys know each other.


    Yeah will surely get my camera dude! :)


    I am sure I am more jobless sitting here in office than you are at home :P
    Lovneet said...
    if i aint wrong then caesar said that some 15 people are coming..hope we can get a decent crowd(and some gals too :D)
    pankaj said...
    great guys lets bring the spirit of iitm to bangalore ...

    pappi(pankaj chand)
    currently staying at iimb
    intern at oracle
    cell 9844596025
    do i really need a blog said...
    Abhishek Chanani
    4th year, Elec
    Currently staying in bannerghatta will be moving to koramangla during the weekend.
    interning at National Instruments

    if any reservations need to be made some1 plz do that....bangalore is packed during weekends
    amrit said...
    Seven and counting. Welcome Pappi and Chanani.

    By the way since Chanani is living with pass-outs, he has told that he would pass the info to them as well.
    Sataract said...
    dude...you can have some good beer and beef at this place called peco's too....nto far from mojo's....trust me this one is awesome!!
    Sataract said...
    ohhh....and an add-o...
    if you DO go to peco's....dont have anything other than beer and something with beef in it....trust me on his too...
    Arun Asok said...
    aka Cheenti

    I'm in ...

    amrit said...

    Are you in Bangalore? Are you joining in? Or was that just a tip?

    More so, I don't eat beef. Anyone for this new proposal?


    Welcome in! Eight and counting! Great going.
    Anonymous said...
    Naresh Babu
    4th yr,civil
    staying at home
    Interning in SAAG RR(BEML COMPLEX)
    Sataract said...
    nah...i'm still stuck in chennai....comin on wednesday or something....we'll have an official narmadite meet then[:P]
    it was just a tip..and if u dont eat beef go to mojo's only...beer is cheeper there....i guess...
    Lovneet said...
    there is a place on brigade road which serves beer and steak. we can try that out. one more thing..wont beer be too dry? :D why not whisky and vodka as well?? :D
    Czar said...
    Mojos is a sister concern of Pecos. So the beer is same, and if someone wants beef, you do get it at Mojos.

    Also, Mojos feels more spacious when it is so many people. Knowing the things very well, and being a regular visitor of both, I chose Mojos. So everyone else stays quiet on the location.

    amrit said...

    Thanks for the tip :) I am doubtful of the N-meet though. Coz I have to go to Chennai next weekend. Let's see.


    Czar replied you! :) Me with him on beer.


    Welcome in. Nine and counting. Great going. :)
    Lovneet said...
    not fair da..there r some people who prefer vodka over beer(yours truly)
    so can we consider a change of the venue?

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