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Youths everwhere are the same. They curse the system, they feel lonely, they love their friends and they keep questioning the purpose of life. More so, youths who blog always have a lot in common. More than anything, they want to tell others whats up with them. Be it sharing happiness and giving a hint of their sadness, be it declaring to the world some new thing that they discovered or putting up some good work of theirs (sketches, poetry, vidoes), blogging helps them.

But there is something which cannot really be blogged about. You cannot talk too much about people who you know very well. And the reason is simple. They wont like it if you have somthing 'not so good' to say about them. In fact at times, they don't like their names being mentioned even without a genuine reason and even when you have something good to say for them.

Well, I respect their concerns. Not everyone wants the world to know whats up with them. And they sure do have the right to. But the fact is, each one of us who blogs, at times realizes this limitation. We can catch hold of few friends and discuss any person, but we cannot do the same thing up here.

But then, there is a simple alternative to it. We can always pick our 'blog friends' and include them in our posts. I don't know how often I am going to do this, but let me try doing it today. I once read some blogpost called india-uncut, where the guy did nothing else besides putting updates on the blogging circuit. I have other things to tell about about but at times, it's nice to make you guys read things which my blogger friends are up with.

So vatsap on my personal blogging circuit?

Ashtung is trying hard to sell the show 'The week that wasn't'. I saw one episode of this show on the IBN site and I will agree with Ashtung (we call him Jaanwar in hostel; yes he is a hostel mate) that the show indeed is funny. While some guys are busy keeping track of the week that wasn't there are few who are coming up with new stuffs in the week that is. Aniket has taken a break from graphic designing (he is a studd Graphic Artist of the design team that I lead), and this post displays his latest sketch. Aint it beautiful? Neha, a great freind who is also studd in sketching, is back to blogging after quite some time. No new sketches from her end but she sure has has come back stronger after emerging from whatever she faced. And her come back message is as strong as she appears to be: "No one dies virgin, Life f**** everyone". Simply love this line. I also loved the poem that she put up- 'I hope you dance'. It made me feel good. It gave me strength. Hey Neha, hope you blog more often! :) And hope you guys like the poem as much as I did. My best friend Neelabh too has a poem to offer. I never knew he could pen down poems, but then his post will tell you that this is the very reason he wrote a poem. It's in hindi by the way. Now that Neha brought up the delicate topic of life, I should tell you guys about this lovely pic that Aniket found. It shows life; in a very simple way. I like the colors. I have a couple of other designers as my blog friends too. Cryptic Souls is one of them. These female costumes that she has put up here have something charming and authentic about them.Talking about dresses, I liked what Geetali wore on her B'day celebration here. The dress looks sexy, doesn't it? ;)

Footer fans will find this post by Krish interesting. "Up against an away loss to Everton at Goodison Park with Chelsea leading against Bolton this is what Sir Alex had to say to his Manchester United players at half time", is how his post begins. And the rest of it is solid stuff!

Kini has got a serious post here, which should be read by all those in insti. He has expressed his angsts against the stupid new rules that the Insti keeps coming up with. I agree with him on most of the issues. I would like to quote a comment to his post from a foreign student in campus.

I really don't like the fact that you guys don't SAY THINGS to people who should be TOLD things. When a teacher is bad, mean, useless, just TELL HIM what the fuck! you shouldn't be scared by people. Just do it properly and politely, and this is right.

Kini's post will tell you about the mech 10 minute rule in case you haven't already heard about it. And here is a live experience of the mech department atrocities by Mohan. The way Mohan has made fun of the kind of questions they were asked later in the exam will make you ROTFL. No doubts about it.

Eh, I have so many friends to talk about. But I guess I will stop now. Let me see how this style of blogging is taken by you guys. I might put up similar posts if the response is actually good. So do lemme know.


  1. Ashtung said...
    i think its good
    at least a few more will know wat i or others r up to
    amrit said...

    I hope it does :)

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