Train, Sem and Bangalore

A two day train journey commences today. In the fuckin hot weather. Wish I were rich and did never have to travel in a train and more so in a sleeper class! The only thing I do in sleeper class is to sleep. Restlessly. Scratching my balls. And watching everyone scratching their balls! Disgusting. Boring.

Wo man, eight sems are over. Kinda unbelievable! This sem almost killed me and I am really happy that I am alive and going back to home. Never mind.

So yeah, the whole point of this post is to let you know that there's going to be no kickass blogpost for a couple of days. If this is a good news for you, then fuck you, but if you will be missing my posts, then cummon, I will soon 'bang' into action. So cheer up! I will be in Bangalore from coming Monday. And I shall try to be back with full updates on Bang chicks and the Bang tricks. Interning there for two months in this awesome place called PWC. This post is getting too personal, so I guess I would stop. Wish me happy journey.


  1. Sumesh said...
    Miss you! vatsaP.
    Geetali said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Geetali said...
    a whole lot of use of the word 'fuck' and its derivatives in your recent posts.

    Czar said...
    Have fun...
    Myndfcukd said...
    Don't take long. I'll be waiting.

    The next time you travel, Lemme know. I may choose to pay for your flight.
    Raveena said...
    U better post soon, or I might die due to the lack of interesting things to read in my lyf!
    and Happy Journey!:)
    amrit said...

    Will miss you too dost! Hope you have a nice time in Microsoft. Will try to catch up with you in Hyd sometime.


    Fuck! I didn't realize! :P


    Thanks! Hope to catch up with ya in Bang.


    Yes sir. Will be back soon. By the way where you? Bang by any chance?


    Thanks. Reached home safely. And of course I'll be writing interesting stuffs for you. :) Don't die darling.

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