Shaastra 2007

This is the official Shaastra2007 text style. The logo remains the all time favorite escher knot.

I am leading a huge design team this time which includes photshop artists, copywriters, sketchers, photographers and trend spotters, making the total team strength 12 (excluding me).

The assignments currently being worked out are the website interface, buzz poster(s) and a brochure.


  1. Czar said...
    Ashtung said...
    this is cool
    i myself dont have much iea bout this but can this be printed on a tee so well too?
    Anonymous said...
    Cool :D best of luck with the designing. And please come up with some good grey/black/white t-shirts and not some green stuff :D
    Anonymous said...
    dude, make the t-shirts "wearable" this time. not the bright blue gay style 2 years ago. last year's was an improvement. but no one would actually wear it in the city. just the college. to show off. about seeing iitm. SAD.

    -an affected soul
    -NIT, surat.
    Unknown said...
    hello. dis is aarthi from hyderabad. i am interested to participate in shaastra-07 dis oct.. n i belong to the department of bio-technology.. so i just wanted to know if der r specific topics given to us to choose from or v must hav our own topic chosen? guys plss get bak to me wid a reply asap
    amrit said...

    Keep checkin
    You will find lotsa events there. Pick those in which you would like to participate.
    Unknown said...
    as in bascically i wanna participate in "paper presentation".. so i wanna know is v can choose d topic of our choice or r der ny given topics as such to choose from.???
    amrit said...

    There are problem statements for all events. And I am not sure if we have a general category paper presentation.

    Once the website is up, you can browse through and confirm that.
    Venkata Sai Krishna Potti said...
    this add u have specified is directed to shaastra 2006... i dont know how others got that ..plz

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