May my soul rest in peace

composed by Narminators

Here lies a guy who on his first orientation day walks up and makes a speech to his branch mates discouraging them to try for BC. He later admitted that this was a strat for him to eliminate his competition for BC. He ran for Gen sec post of Sarayu and as a part of his campaigning he put up a poster of himself on the notice board with the Question “Who is Amrit Vatsa?”. His love life began on the very first day of college and within one week he became an election candidate. And within a month he got himself a comp. Its safe to say he was off the blocks fast.

He developed an obsession for a certain girl whom we shall call Pepsi and did all sort of outrageous things to woo her like staying back in the winter for the net connection, painting a Mona Lisa version of her, becoming class rep and many other such futile attempts. On coming to our hostel he became a volunteer for every secretary around and soon got a reputation of an enthu putter. He put enthu and found a script for the hostel drams but got bumped himself in the auditions. He bought himself a cheap digi cam sometime in second year and spent all day taking pictures of himself in different poses.

During this time he was slowly developing into one of the finest artists of the insti which got him a design coordship in Shaastra 05 despite not being either a vol or coord for any of the fests prior to that. He would later go on to become Design core for Shaastra 06 . He was also the creative brain behind most of Narmad’s prior events like Fete and hostel nights. He had been again elected Shaastra Design core. His spirit will live on for another year with us. May his soul rest in peace.


  1. Anonymous said...
    fundoooooooo hai yaar..... ur simply amazin....
    ankit said...
    yeh pose blog ke liye purposely click ki kya !!!!!!!!!!!!
    ankit said...
    jo bhi ho, its good :)
    amrit said...



    For hostel Nite. The theme was graveyard.


    Anonymous said...
    hilarious... :D
    Mohan K.V said...
    DELLruba, lol :-)
    amrit said...

    Happy end :D


    My sweetheart!

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