The Quest for Perfection

My best friend had these words to say about me, some time back: 'A perfectionist, he doesn't accept anything that is below his expectations of himself'.

Who isn't a perfectionist? I relate perfection to satisfaction. I don't like the idea of getting satisfied. I don't mind getting bored, or getting pained with doing something again and again. But even if I give up on something and move on to something else, I am never able to agree to the fact that I did not have the ability or capability to perfect that 'something'.

The only constraint to me is the constraint of time. One might beat that. One might not. Time is the only thing that I know I cannot win against. Everything else can be conquered. Everything else can be won. The question to be asked is: how much time are you willing to sacrifice to attain that one thing which you are so sure of attaining. To perfection?

So tell me now. Isn't each one of us a perfectionist?

Is winning really about winning? To me winning is all about believing that you will win. No matter what. There is nothing greater to the mind. Only a weak mind can lose.


  1. Chicky said...
    Hey mind if I add a link to ur blog on my page?
    amrit said...
    @Miss teerious

    You are welcome!

    I wonder if there's any blogger alive who minds being linked. :)
    Anonymous said...
    Losing is also a part of life and there's nothing wrong if you lose sometimes. You can always come back and win in a different field
    amrit said...

    Losing is not about losing. It is about giving up the fight. If you give up because you have lost interest, I understand. But if you give up because you think you CANNOT do it, you are a loser. I am not.

    I am sorry if I sounded rude.
    Mohan K.V said...
    Hmm, this boredom is a touchy issue.. can it not be that not getting bored doing something is an ability in itself? I tell this because some of us were talking of the Engineering Services work being outsourced to here, and a curious part of it is dimensioning parts. Day and night, people sit and mark dimensions shafts and belts and pulleys and gears in some software.. will we be _able_ to _bear_ such work at all ?

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