Run Amrit Run

When was the last time you ran to your classroom. And by 'ran' I mean ran. On legs.

I open my eyes. My hands grab the Ericsson T230. The half open eyes (or half closed if you like it that way) try to focus on the phone display. It shows 8:37. I panic.

Sir, if I attend all your classes henceforth, will I be crossing the 75% mark?

Have I put up your name in the notice board for shortage of attendance?

I haven't seen that but Yogesh was telling that you announced my name in class along with some others who were falling short of attendance. Shall I go to the notice board and check?

Let me see. Wait. Here, so you had exactly 75% the day I announced. And then you missed three classes consecutively. So let me calculate...... well yes, if you come to all the classes now, you will make exactly 75.

Okay sir. Thank you sir. I will definitely be coming to all the classes.

The scene flashes in front of my eyes. I don't even have any time to decide what to do next. I am sure, my cell phone is at least 7-8 minutes ahead of time. But even if that's the case, it already is almost 8:30. I have no cycle. There is not much time to go out and find one. So I decide to run. And when I say run, I mean 'run'. On legs.

I jump off the bed, find the key in my jeans (luckily I have been crashing in jeans and tee), step out of the room, lock the door and start running. No time to wash face, no time to brush teeth, no time to comb hair. I keep running, climb down the stairs, leave the hostel, pass by Gurunath. I keep running, ignoring the guys staring. I keep running, without even carrying a bag. Empty hands. I pass by the temple, running. After 4 minutes, I hear an approaching bike. I ask for lift, without trying to slow down my pace. The bike stops. I climb over. The bike moves. In a humphing voice, I declare: Civil Eng Dep! Civil Eng Dep? I wonder why I don't call it BSB. Never mind. The bike leaves me near the Elec Dep. My place is close by. I jump off the bike. No time to show gratitude and thank. I am running again. In half a minute, I reach my classroom.

It's empty. I take out the phone. The time is 9:43 8:43. It has taken me 6 minutes to reach this place. And the classroom is empty. There IS no class. Holy Christ!

Some days have a rocking start. Run of the mill start. :)


  1. Aniket said...
    "It's empty. I take out the phone. The time is 9:43. It has taken me 6 minutes to reach this place. And the classroom is empty. There IS no class. Holy Christ!"

    I think it should be 8:43!!
    amrit said...
    :) Corrected.
    Anonymous said...
    nothing special or uncommon. chuthiyon ke saath aisa hota rehta hai
    Santosh (Munnu) said...
    You ought to be in Naval Arch. Here people come 40 mins late and coolly push open the closed doors of the classroom. Prof takes a look, assumes he saw nothing, turns back and continues writing on the board. It happens EVERYDAY in some courses!

    And I like the mustache on your visage.
    Czar said...
    I bet you came back to gurunath for a small meal...
    amrit said...

    40 min!! God!
    BTW the mustache is gone! :(


    I guess so! :)

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