Shaastra 2006 : Bbye

Behind the boat (from L) PBK>>Bofi>>Bondi>>Mohan>>Vatsap?>>Suri>>Kelvin>>Talli>Randi>>Amrut

In front of the boat
(from L)

(note: Mrinmay is missing. He missed the core treat)

The spirit of engineering :P

Never Look Down

The Core Treat was fun. We went to GRT Temple Bay Beach in Mahabs. The sand was cool. The moon was romantic. The breeze was drowsy. The waves were smooth. The Russian Coffee was awesome. The food was okies. The bike ride back to insti was thrilling.


  1. Daniel said...
    My friend met on said ,he will never give up what he regargs right
    ankit said...
    all these changes are pure sign of boredom, frustation, loniless..

    take care
    ankit said...
    talkin bout d mustache thing
    Czar said...
    Some are fortunate to live it TWICE!!!
    amrit said...

    Lucky me! :)

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