Hostel Nite

Though I don't pass out this semester, almost my entire wing does. Only four guys in Narmad(a) are fourth year Dual Degree students. And that means that there are going to be only four fifth year guys next sem onwards. Life of course wont be the same. The four of us will definitely miss the great company that we had.

Anyone who is free is welcome to enter the Narmad Graveyard. I cannot ensure free grub but I will try my best to get you free ice cream. More than anything else you will get to hear what the juniors have to talk about me and the rest of us. And I am sure they have hazzar to talk about!

Looking forward to Narmad Hostel Nite.

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  1. Aniket said...
    "one life ends anohter begins"

    i think it should be another

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