The unifying factors

Read this statement: Two factors unite people/parties: 1. Benefit 2. Fear

What do you think of it? This statement was made by one of my Profs today in the class as he was talking about secularism. The course was Development Alternatives.

I wonder. Is there nothing else? If you asked me what unites two people, I would say something like a common aim may be? No? Ok, so you can anyways club in under benefit! Hmm, I get the point.

How about love? Two people unite because they love each other and can't live separately! How about this? Where is benefit? Where is fear?



  1. Sashi said...
    Our prof makes stud statements.Once, My dad told me a similar funda although it sounds more intriguing than this... "Any relation in this world can be looked at a level where you see that the two personalities involved are either exploiters/exploited" .
    A grand narrative,of course :)
    amrit said...
    It's east to label someone exploiter. But it's not always easy to figure out 'what' (or who) exactly is being exploited.


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