Don't Waste Food Campaign: 1

Some of the guys-who-rule-insti had been asking me to make a poster. A poster with a message. Yeah and the message of course was to stop food wastage.

We, the students of IIT Madras dine in a huge mess. It used to be called Giga mess before they renamed it Himalaya! The name suits the structure.

Most of us waste food. We don't care. Will a poster really help? I am not sure. But nothing wrong in giving it a shot. Some of you reading this blog might actually come up with some idea for a poster. Do share them with me. But keep this in mind that the posters will be be put up in the various halls of the mess. The food in mess is anyways not too great. So it wont be a great idea to put up a frightening poster which scares away guys from even eating properly.

Let me share with you a work in progress. Let's see if we can together come up with something good.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Nice campaign you have least i am trying not to waste food from now on..
    Good work :)
    amrit said...
    Thanks Adarsh!

    Yeah, it would be great if all of us can make it a point to avoid wasting food!

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